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The Philadelphia 76ers took a significant step forward under Doc Rivers in their first season. In the regular season, the Sixers were sixth on the point spread and moneyline. Joel Embiid’s MVP-caliber year has been the highlight of Philadelphia’s playoff run. Bettors are eager to see if they can win the title. View all of the odds for the 76ers, including their win total, championship odds and more.

Philadelphia 76ers Point Spreads

The point spread is one of the most fundamental bets in basketball. Simply stated, it is the margin of victory that the favorite team must win to cover the spread. The 2020-21 season saw the 76ers cover the spread at a 55% clip, netting three units to bettors.

Here’s an example of a point spread in a hypothetical game between the 76ers and the Thunderbirds:

  • Brooklyn Nets (+3.5)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (-3.5).

The 76ers are the favorites by 3.5 points at home against the Brooklyn Nets. The minus sign (-), denotes Philadelphia as the favorite, and the plus sign (+ denotes the underdog). If they wanted to support Philadelphia, they would “lay” those 3.5 points. This means that to cash their bets on the Sixers, they would have to win by at least four points. If Brooklyn wins, or loses by three points or less, the Bettors who chose Nets +3.5 will win.

Philadelphia 76ers Moneylines

Point spread betting is a common option for novice bettors, particularly when they are riding with their hometown team. Moneyline bets are more secure in this situation. Moneyline wagers are a bet on the winner of the game. There is no spread. The Sixers won 49 games during the shorter season to reach the Eastern Conference 2-seed. This earned them 8.55 units in moneyline.

Let’s continue the previous example to better understand the moneyline:

  • Brooklyn Nets +150
  • Philadelphia 76ers -180

The minus sign (-), which is used in point spreads, indicates that a team has the advantage, and the plus sign (+), signifies that a team has the disadvantage. In increments of 100, the moneyline odds indicate how large or small a favorite team is. To win $100 on the 76ers, for example, a betor would have to take $180. If Brooklyn wins, a $100 wager on the visiting Nets would net $150. The odds can vary from one sportsbook to another, so make sure you shop with The Action Network app for the best line.

Philadelphia 76ers Over/Under

You can also bet on a team winning or covering a spread. A majority of sportsbooks offer a total for the game, also called an over/under. This bet does not depend on who wins the contest. It is based on how many points the teams will score together. Sportsbooks display a number and the bettors have the option to wager over or under the number.

If the Nets-76ers matchup were 221 points, then over bettors would need 222 points or more in order to cash their tickets. Bettors who bet on the under would only require 220 points. The bet would push if the teams scored exactly 221 points each, and all wagers will be refunded.

Philadelphia 76ers Props

Bettors who bet on specific outcomes are more successful than betting on the outcome of the game. Prop bets can cover any type of yes/no question, player stats and discrete in-game events. Props can be placed on players or their performance. For example, you could wager Joel Embiid will score more than 11.5 rebounds in a given night or that Ben Simmons will have a triple-double. Other props are shorter-term, like betting on how many 3-pointers will be made in the first quarter and who will score first basket. The offerings can vary depending on which sportsbook you use, so make sure to check out our reviews of sportsbooks to determine the best option for you.

Futures for 76ers

Futures bets are placed on events that will not end at the time of the whistle. Futures bets have greater odds and can pay out more because it is harder to predict the outcome of an event weeks or months in advance than it is betting on the outcome of one game. Futures betting can be made on the Sixers winning their conference or division. It could also be used to wager on the Sixers winning the season. Future bets can also include individual players such as Joel Embiid winning NBA MVP.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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