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The new play-in tournament will kick off the 2021 NBA Playoffs on Tuesday, May 18. Each conference has 7-10 seeds, and they will face off to determine the final two spots in its eight-team first round. We’ll be breaking down DraftKings Sportsbook odds and advancing teams as the playoffs begin.

The Trail Blazers are a team that is one step away from competing for awhile. They swung for fences in advance of the trade deadline this year in hopes of getting over their hump. Portland traded Gary Trent Jr. to Norman Powell. The newcomer can be a valuable addition to any team’s third option on offense and will also improve their wing defense. Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic are both healthy so the Trail Blazers have everything they need to take on any opponent.

Trail Blazers chances to win the NBA championship

Portland has a +2500 chance of reaching the finals and a +5500 chance of winning the title. The Blazers have not had much success against winning teams, and have won 38.2% against teams with a.500 or higher record. Given their current standing, they won’t be playing a losing team anytime soon. Portland could be in for another early exit, as the history suggests.

Portland Trail Blazers Point Spreads

In 2020-21, the Blazers had some very stark against-the spread (ATS) splits. They went just 15-21 at home and an impressive 23-13 on the road. Spread bets are wagers that predict how much a team will win, or lose. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical Blazers match:

  • Portland Trail Blazers (7.5)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (+7.5).

Here’s how you read the odds: The Blazers are 7.5 point favorites. This can be seen by the minus sign beside the number. You are betting on the Blazers to beat the Thunder by eight points or more. This side of the wager would pay if OKC wins the game or loses by seven points or less.

Portland Trail Blazers Moneylines

Moneyline bets have slightly more complicated odds than spread bets but the concept is the same: You are betting on which team wins the game. Another example is the Blazers…

  • Portland Trail Blazers –130
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +110

The minus sign means that the Blazers are the favorites in this game. Think in terms of $100 or $10 bets to understand the odds. Because they are more likely to win, the favorite needs more money. In this example, a Blazers moneyline wager at -130 would earn $10 for each $13 bet. For every $10 wagered, a Wolves ML bet would bring in $11.

Portland Trail Blazers – Over/Under

You might consider over/under betting if you aren’t comfortable betting on the outcome of the game or how much. These bets, also known as totals, are all about points. They tell you how many points each team will score. Let’s say the Blazers-Nuggets match has 235 points. An over bet would pay at 236 points or more, while an under bet would net at 234 points or less. It’s called a push if it lands at exactly 235. All bets are refunded.

Portland Trail Blazers Props

Few NBA players can get as hot as Damian Lillard. You can place bets on that happening in any game. These types of bets are known as player props and they are tied to the statistical output for a player. You can wager the over/under of Lillard’s total over/under prop of 29.5 points.

Trail Blazers Futures

They made it to the playoffs in 2020-21 and will likely face another difficult battle in 2021-22. You can place a bet on their success if you are bullish or bearish. This is called a futures wager. Other examples are Damian Lillard winning MVP, Blazers taking home the Northwest Division crown and many more.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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