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In 2020-21, the Knicks were the perfect bettor’s friend: They not only easily beat their season win total but also had the best record against-the spread (ATS) with 16.4 units of wins. Madison Square Garden has once again proven to be one of the most exciting venues in basketball, thanks to its young core and plenty of cap space in summer. For all information about the Knicks point spread and moneyline, including totals, read on.

New York Knicks Point Spreads

On their way to New York’s first postseason appearance since 2013, the Knicks shocked everyone, from casual NBA fans to professional bookmakers. Nowhere was this shock more evident than their record against the spread. Spread is the margin of victory a team must cover in order to win a wager. Favored teams with a minus sign (-), must win by a specific number of points. The underdog, which is marked with a plus sign (+),, can either win the bet or maintain the spread.

Let’s take an example.

  • Atlanta Hawks (+3.5).
  • New York Knicks (-3.5).

The Knicks are home favorites by 3.5 points in this instance. To cover the spread, tickets on New York would require a win by the Knicks of at least four points. If Atlanta wins the game, or loses by three points or less, the Hawks will win.

New York Knicks Moneylines

You can also bet on a Knicks win using the point spread. Moneyline bets, which are bets on the winner of the game regardless of the margin of victory, are available. This category was won by 25 units, and New York was unsurprisingly the most profitable in the league.

Let’s go back to Hawks and look at a moneyline.

  • Atlanta Hawks +150
  • New York Knicks –180

The point spreads have the Knicks being tagged with a minus sign for the favorite, and the Hawks with a plus sign for the underdog. These symbols indicate the odds in American format. To win $100 on the Knicks, a bettor must risk $180. If Atlanta wins, $100 would be enough to make $150 on the Hawks.

New York Knicks Under/Over

If you are more comfortable betting on Tom Thibodeau’s unwavering defense than a Knicks win, then an over/under (also known as a total) may be the right choice. The total bet is a wager on the combination of two teams scoring more than or less than a certain amount. In 2020-21, the Knicks’ inept defense allowed them to score the under at a rate of 55.5%.

Let’s assume that the over/under was set at 216 for the example game against Hawks. If the teams score 217 or more points between them, the bets on the over will win. The under will hit if they score 215 or less. If there is a tie or push (216 points scored exactly), the wager will be cancelled and all bets refunded.

Props for the New York Knicks

There are many more options than just the ones listed above. Prop bets, which cover everything from player stat lines to questions about the game’s events, are a growing market in the NBA. Props can be in the form of player props, which are wagers on individual statistical outputs. For example, you could bet that Julius Randle will record a double-double or that Derrick Rose will score more than 5.5 assists. Some bets are on specific events, such as “who will score 20 points first?” and “who will score first basket of this game?”

Knicks Futures

Fans who saw the Knicks’ success in 2020-21 probably bought big futures tickets in spring. Futures are wagers that go beyond the outcome of one game. In markets such as betting on the New York Knicks making the playoffs or winning the NBA Championship, many futures can be placed before the season begins.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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