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The San Antonio Spurs are only hours away from knowing which team they will select in the first round 2021 NBA Draft. They’ll be picking the 11th overall pick in 2020, Devin Vassell, after missing the playoffs the second year.

The Spurs have one of the most deep draft classes in recent years. They should be able find a high-quality player who is ready to contribute, no matter their position in the draft order. We have done detailed analysis on many names to watch out for. These include the top 10 shooters, five best defenders and many more. Roberto Araiza, my colleague, shared his three NBA Draft fantasy scenarios.

The results of Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery will determine who San Antonio can select. There are seven possible outcomes.

Here’s an example:

  • San Antonio Spurs (+2.5)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (-2.5).

The betting market has two signs: the underdog is a plus sign, and the favorite is a minus sign. The odds are as follows: the Spurs are 2.5 points underdogs to Grizzlies. If San Antonio wins the game, or loses by one or more points, a Spurs spread wager would win. The Spurs spread would lose if the Grizzlies win by more than three points.

San Antonio Spurs Moneylines

Spread betting can be difficult if you don’t like the margin. Moneyline bets are wagers that simply predict which team will win. Another example is the Spurs.

  • San Antonio Spurs -140
  • New Orleans Pelicans +120

The Spurs are the favorites in this scenario over the Pelicans. These odds are American-style and can be interpreted by thinking in increments 10 dollars. You have to wager more because the Spurs are favorites. To make $10 you would have to place a $14 bet at -140 odds. The Pelicans moneyline would be $12 for each $10 bet if the Spurs won.

San Antonio Spurs Over/Unders

Let’s suppose you don’t know which team will win but you think it’ll still be a defensive slugfest. Over/unders (also known as totals) are wagers that predict how many points a game will bring home. Let’s take for example that the Spurs faced the Mavericks, and that the total was 222. An over would win in this situation if both teams scored 223 points or more; an under would win at 221 points or less. The exact number can be pushed in a game as well.

San Antonio Spurs Props

Although they are not as common, prop bets can be very entertaining and are quite popular. There are many options to choose from for any given game. These bets are usually player-focused (called player props) or situation-based. You can, for example, bet on DeMar DeRozan scoring over/under 23.5. Another example is who will score the most points in a Spurs match.

Spurs Futures

You can find great odds at a sportsbook if you believe the Spurs will return to the playoffs in 2021-22 season. This type of bet, also known as a futures wager, refers to any wager that will settle at a later date. Other futures for the Spurs include DeMar DeRozan winning the scoring title and the Spurs winning the Southwest Division.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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