CEBL Betting | Canadian Elite Basketball League Gambling Guide

The Canadian Elite Basketball League is finally here, with 2021 being the third season of the Canadian Elite Basketball League, known as CEBL! Punters can now enjoy and bet on professional basketball matches across Canada.

A league created by Canadians for Canadians, consisting of seven teams, with the first two teams directly going into the quarter-final. The other five play for the rest of the places. The current champions are Edmonton Stingers.

Mike Morreale, the CEO of the CEBL, announced that next season’s league would expand with a new, 8th team from Montreal. With 8 teams, the competition will increase, and therefore, the league will be more interesting. Instead of 12 matches, the teams will play 14. Moreover, this season comes with a new addition to the league – the Ottawa Blackjacks!

CEBL Betting Odds

Founded in 2017 by Richard Petko, him and the CEO of CEBL, Mike Morreale, created a six-league team from multiple provinces, leading to success and rapid growth. CEBL is a trendy spot for both players and coaches in Canada to further increase their skills.

CEBL betting odds, including similar odds, are offered through sportsbook sites. These sites allow you to bet on your favourite basketball league, provide you with good odds and lucrative bonuses that will aid you once you decide to begin betting.

CEBL Championship Odds

Elite Basketball League CEBL odds vary from one sportsbook to another. If you don’t know what sportsbook odds are, let us break it down. Once you start betting on CEBL, odds are what gives value to your ticket. Meaning, it’s always good to find a bookmaker with better odds, as you will get a better return on your money.

In this case, the odds for CEBL are good, but they don’t differ too much from other popular sports. For example, every match has a favourite, and that favourite will always have lower odds. This means that if you bet on the favourite to win the match, you will get less value as opposed to betting on the underdog, which typically has high odds. However, the chances of you winning the ticket are bigger if you bet on the favoured team, so you get our point.

The best way to find the best CEBL odds is to register with multiple bookmakers that offer Canadian Elite Basketball League matches in their sportsbooks and compare their odds. Once you find the best ones, stick to it and compile your tickets there.

How to Start Betting on the CEBL

Like any other type of sports betting, punters have full access to various online sportsbooks they can utilize to place Canada Basketball bets. Most Canadian bookies have a full range of odds for basketball leagues and matches around the world, not just their native Elite Basketball League. Making an account on a sportsbook will allow you to place a bet on your favourite team with the possibility of earning some cash if the outcome of the match is positive.

However, when making a sportsbook account, you’ll have to provide some personal information and confirm your identity. Once done, you can browse your bookie’s full selection of sports matches, place your bet and hope your team wins! To withdraw funds, you’ll need to fully verify your account by submitting a picture of your ID or Driver’s License. When making a withdrawal request, it is important to pay attention to the minimum withdrawal amount. Usually, withdrawal requests can take up to 72 hours before the money arrives in your account.

Different Types of CEBL Bets

Betting on sporting events is a way to enjoy the match with a chance to make some cash while watching it. Throughout the internet, for the Elite Basketball League CEBL specifically, there are a great number of sportsbooks where bettors can open an account and place bets.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular sports bets:

  • Straight Bets
  • Points Spread
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Futures

Now, we’ll explain all of the abovementioned bet types.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are number one on the list of most popular types of bets. They are the basics in the betting world for sports. By choosing 1, X, or 2, you put your money on the Host (1), on a draw (X), or on the guest team (2).

A draw is not a common result in basketball and occurs extremely rare, but the odds for that wager are always the highest. The safest way to win a bet is to put your money on the favourite. The odds are smaller, but your chances of winning your bet are bigger. If you think that there may be a surprise result and the underdog has a real chance to win, you can make a great profit by placing a small stake.

Points Spread

Point Spread is the most popular type of bet. This is frequently used when two teams aren’t equal in terms of winning chances. Usually, the favourite team starts with a certain negative score, which during the game has to be surpassed. When the favourite team wins the game with that point spread, the bet is won. The same goes for the underdogs. The bet is won if the underdog loses with a less point spread or wins the match, eventually.

For example, the Hamilton Honey Badgers play vs. Fraser Valley Bandits, and the point spread is set at 9.5. If you bet on the home team, Hamilton mustn’t lose with 10 or more points difference for your bet to be won. If your bet is placed on the away team, Edmonton must win with 10 or more points.


With Totals, you get a certain point limit where you have to predict if the final points combined from the teams will be above or below that margin. The odds most of the time are the same for both possibilities.

For example, Hamilton Honey Badgers plays vs. Edmonton Stingers, and the margin is set at 155.5. If the scores of both teams combined are 156 or above, then every wager that predicted that outcome is won. The same goes for the wagers placed below the margin.


Sports, especially basketball games, have a high number of prop bets. Prop bet is a bet that isn’t impacted by the final score. These bets are based on events that will happen during the game. How many points will a certain player score, will the first quarter have more or fewer points than the margin, which quarter will have the most points, etc…


These bets usually consist of wagers like the winner of the league, the top scorer in a season, who is going to be MVP in the regular season, and the best rookie. Every sportsbook offers different types of Future Bets. The CEBL league is a great chance to earn some cash by betting on future bets.

Betting Tips

Betting on your favourite team and winning some money is exciting! For CEBL, we have included some betting tips for new customers to help and arm them with decent knowledge, thus aggregate their shot at actually making a profit from betting on CEBL.

#1 CEBL Betting Tip – Find a Solid Betting Site

Pick a few of the best sportsbooks that have a variety of sports, especially basketball games from Canada. Register on their website and always pick which one has the highest odds for the game you want to put your money on.

#2 CEBL Betting Tip – Get Informed

Getting the right info about one match can help you in creating a winning ticket. Search for possible injuries and suspensions, check the team’s recent form or check their previous head-to-head games. Find out why the odds on a certain team are high or low. Never put your bet credits on a sport you aren’t interested in or a sports team from a country you know nothing about.

#3 CEBL Betting Tip – Track how Teams Perform

Specialize in a certain basketball league or other sports league you come across at your betting site. Follow the league, watch the matches, see how the clubs play at home or on away courts. Moreover, live betting has become a trendy way of online betting with huge winning possibilities – take advantage of it. It does give an incredible dose of excitement to the whole betting process. Placing wagers live means you can watch the sports game and react instantly in case you notice a familiar pattern.

For all the basketball fans out there, bet on your favourite team from CEBL and start winning!

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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