Odds Calculator & Converter [Guide]

Although it may seem like an excessive use of an odds calculator to beginners, many online sportsbook customers find it very common. The betting odds calculator lets users input their stake and odds format (American, Decimal or Fractional), and then calculates the potential return on bets.

A bet calculator can give you an accurate estimate of your potential winnings on all kinds of sports wagers. It also includes single bets using one of the odd types. Based on the odds and total wagered, the calculator will tell bettors how much they could win.

This calculator is a fantastic tool because it shows bettors the exact amount they could win before placing a wager. We will be discussing how to use a betting calculator in this article.

What is a Betting Odds Calculator (or Betting Odds Calculator)?

A sports betting calculator can be used by all levels of bettors. These are the steps that bettors need to follow if they want to use an odds payout calculator.

You can enter the odds in one of the following formats: American Odds (-400), Decimal Odds 1.25, Fractional Odds 1/4, Implied Probability (80%). Often, bettors have to choose the odds format offered by their sportsbooks provider. Providers often offer all three. However, it depends on where you live.

Enter the stake. The rest will be taken care of by the calculator. The calculator will tell the bettors how much they will win and the potential payout. These calculators have a default value of $100. However, this number can be altered.

Three methods are used to determine the odds. These are all common among bookmakers. When evaluating a wager or assessing the likelihood of its outcome, implied probability is used.

What are American Odds and How Do They Work?

American odds are the default odds used in sportsbooks that are based in the United States. Odds bettors will notice that a -‘ sign is used to signify the favorite, and a + sign to signify the underdog/s. All bets require $100 to win.

This could be illustrated by a $100 wager on the Mavs winning the NBA Finals. Dallas is considered the slight favorite if the odds of the Mavs beating the Suns are -140. To win $100 on the packers, a bettor would have to stake $140. The ‘+’ sign is the amount of profit you can make on every $100 you wager. If you don’t know any of the terms used in betting, please take a look to our glossary.

What are Decimal Odds (or Decimal Odds)?

Decimal odds are used by the majority of online and land-based sportsbooks outside the United States. Decimal odds indicate the maximum amount a bettor could win for each $1 staked. This number is not only the profit, but the total return for better.

Here’s an example: In decimal odds, the Stars are 1.714 (-140 in American). The bettor earns 71.4 cents for every $1 wagered. This is in addition to the original $1 stake. Oilers have odds at 2.2 in decimal odds (+120 American), so every $1 bet would yield $1.20, plus the original stake of $1.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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