Football Squares Betting Odds

Super Bowl Betting Squares

Once every box in the pool is sold, the numbers assigned to each column and row are randomly selected.

2021 NFL Season

Fans are eager to start the new year, as there are many NFL Odds available for the 2020/21 National Football League regular-season. The Kansas City Chiefs, the newly-crowned champions, will be favorites to win it again this year. The Green Bay Packers are expected to be Super Bowl contenders. However, it is impossible to count out other powerhouses of the NFL.

This includes, among others, the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravens. There are still a lot of teams in the competition. Who will be the champions in 2021?

One fun and exciting betting option that is gaining popularity are the ‘Football Squares Odds’. This style can be played at Super Bowl Parties, but also for single games. We’ll explain it all if you don’t know what it is.

Super Bowl squares are easy to set up. A pool is composed of 10 vertical columns and 10 rows, which are numbered from 0 to 9.

One Super Bowl team (in this case, either the Chiefs of the 49ers) gets the columns while the other receives the rows. Each square inside can be purchased separately.

Each square is equally priced. Each quarter, the members of your Super Bowl party may buy as many squares they wish. The winner will receive a larger payout if there are more squares bought.

Once every box in the pool is sold, the numbers assigned to each column and row are randomly selected.

How does Football Squares work?

Let’s start by introducing you to the rules of football betting squares. Start with a 10-by-10 grid. This will give you 100 squares. You will need to create 10 rows and 10 columns. Then, assign one team to each row and another for each column. This template is your go-to for football betting squares.

Randomly assign numbers 0-9 for each box. Then, have your Super Bowl Squares or regular game participants choose their boxes. Everyone will have different odds of winning based on how many boxes they have.

Super Bowl square odds

The number of Super Bowl squares participants and the boxes you buy will determine your chances of winning. Your chances of winning depend on how many boxes you have. It’s a good idea to buy more boxes than you need.

Smart selections within the Super Bowl betting squares template can increase your chances of winning. There are 10 rows and 10 column filled with boxes, as we mentioned earlier.

Instead of just dropping your name in boxes randomly, take a look to the scoring trends for both sides and see which studs are ready to make game-changing moves for you.

How to win Super Bowl squares

Mike Tierney, SportsLine’s expert on Super Bowl squares, knows how to maximize your chances. Tierney, a skilled NFL reporter who has covered seven Super Bowls, and whose work has appeared in the New York Times as well as the Los Angeles Times, is a great example of a smart writer. Tierney has several strategies that can increase your chances of winning Super Bowl squares.

While everyone wants seven, three, and zero, it is clear that you have a greater chance of matching the last digit of the quarter’s final score if you know your score early. Tierney is aware that there are other numbers that could be as beneficial for your Super Bowl squares pool. One that has cashed more frequently than any of the three most popular choices in the past two decades, Tierney says.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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