Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Odds

You are the Super Bowl’s winning coach. As you’re about to give your first interview after the game, it hits you: a cold stream of colored water. After taking a Gatorade bath, you’ve been doused in electrolytes. You’re now a head coach and you are soaking, but you can still make money as a bet on the Super Bowl 55 Gatorade colour.

This bet is a popular option for NFL’s big game. It appeals to both novice and seasoned punters.

After the death of Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers’ great basketball player, purple was the favorite color for Gatorade colors in Super Bowl 54. Orange Gatorade (+800), was ultimately the preferred beverage for Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs’ coach. Sportsbooks made orange the favorite for Super Bowl 55.

Prop bets are wagers that do not directly relate to the outcome of a game. Instead of betting on whether both teams will score OVER or UNDER the set number, or if one team will cover the spread, you are betting on the color Gatorade that will be dropped on the winning coach at Super Bowl 56.

Simply select the shade that you believe will be pour on the head coach. Based on your odds and how much you bet, our Odds Calculator will calculate how much you would win.

There is no clear favorite, unlike a moneyline bet. Because there is no clear pattern, this bet is not easy to handicap. It is possible for the color of the carbohydrate replenisher to vary from one game to another. We don’t know if Patrick Mahomes or the Chiefs will choose red Gatorade as their refreshment of choice, even if they win Super Bowl 55.

The Super Bowl Gatorade Shower: A Brief History

Jim Burt is the cornerstone of any team. The 1984 season saw Washington win 37-13. Burt, the nose tackle, felt he was not getting enough playing time and that practice was unfairly treated. Although most people use their words, Burt instead used Gatorade and dumped the whole cooler of sugar-water on Bill Parcells, Giants boss.

During the 1986 NFL season, The Big Tuna was doused 17 times. It was a good thing that New York won the Super Bowl in 1986. The Gatorade bath became a fixture of football games for the rest of their lives after the endless soaking of Parcells.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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