Canadian Premier League 2021 (CPL) Betting & Odds

The third season of the Canadian Premier League (CPL) competition brought players more games including their in the betting markets compared with the previous seasons. The interest from bookmakers has increased due to the partnership between the CPL with Major Soccer League (MLS) and The North American Soccer League (NASL).

Since its first season in 2019, the Canadian Premier League has focused on promoting this Beautiful game among youngsters from Canada. For this purpose, they brought the rule regarding the minimum number of Canadians in the starting lineups and rosters, including a rule for under 21 players required in the team and a draft from the Canadian University.

Available Canadian Premier League Betting Odds

Canadian Premier League Betting is available on many sportsbooks. Our advice is that you should always seek for the best odds, or a bookmaker a welcome bonus for new customers.

Not to forget to mention is that every bonus on Sports books comes with a rollover requirement. A rollover requirement is simply an amount you have to bet on before you can do a payout. In Addition, for Sportsbooks bonus, only wagers that are placed in the Sports book qualify towards the rollover requirements. Similarly, for casino bonus, only the bet amount placed on the casino will qualify towards the rollover requirements.

Moreover, one thing to keep in mind is that the bet amount is not money you can lose or win. You simply have to put them into action to use the bonus. Meaning, the more you play and use the bonus, the sooner you will meet the rollover requirements, and you can cash out your winnings.

Money Line Odds

Money-line is a type of bet where you wager on the winner of the game. If the money line has a positive number, for example, +200, that means that your profit will be $200 on your $100 wager. The opposite situation is when the number is negative. For example, if the money line is set at -200, for a $200 wager, you can make a profit of $100.

Against The Spread

Against the spread is a very popular kind of sports betting among gambling fans throughout the world. The primary leagues you can utilize this bet on are the NBA and NFL, along with CPL games. Let’s break down how this type of bet works.

Let’s say that FC Edmonton is playing against Cavalry FC in the Canadian Premier competition. If the home team is the favourite, and the spread that needs to be covered is -1.5, then FC Edmonton has to win with at least a 2 goal difference for the bet to be won. Otherwise, if you think the game will be more exciting, you can place your money on the guest team. You will make a profit even if Cavalry FC loses with 1 goal difference.

Goal Total Odds

Soccer is always much more exciting with lots of goals during the match. You can also place your bets on total goals, meaning that you don’t have to worry who will win or if the result will end up as a draw.

This is one of the simplest bets in the sports betting world. Basically, all you have to do is to guess how many goals will be scored during the game.

Prop Bets And Futures Odds

Prop odds are all wagers placed on a special event during the game. If you choose to play prop odds on a soccer match, some of the offered bets are: who will be the first goalscorer, which player will score two or more goals, which team will get the first yellow card etc…

Future odds are all the bets that will occur sometime in the near future. For instance, you can wager on the winner of the Canadian Premier League, who will win the cup competition in Canada.

What Is The Canadian Premier League?

CPL is the highest level in the soccer system in Canada. It was officially formed on May 6, 2017. After one season with only 7 clubs, the league expanded to 8 after Atl├ętico Ottawa joined the league in 2019. The league will expand once again by one more squad in 2023. It will be a club from Saskatchewan province.

Broadcast rights are currently possessed by CBC, One Soccer, and CHCH.

Canadian Premier League Vs MLS

Every year, clubs of the Canadian Premier League play with Canadian clubs from other leagues (MLS, NASL, Ontario League 1) in the Canadian Championship, competing for a place in the CONCACAF Championship League. The winner also takes the Voyager Cup Trophy.

The most successful club is Montreal FC, with 10 titles.

The CPL Season Explained

Since 2020, when Atletico Ottawa joined the Canadian Premier League as the eighth club, the format changed to a single season where each team played 28 games. From April until October, they play 14 matches on their home ground and 14 away. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams will enter the playoffs. The winners from these two matches will play in the finale.

CPL Soccer Teams [2021]

In the third year of the Canadian Premier League, there are 8 clubs from 5 different provinces. Seven of them are inaugural teams. The eighth team, Atletico Ottawa, joined the league the previous year. Read below everything you need to know about every team in the league.

FC Atletico Ottawa is a new team in the CPL, formed in January 2020 in Ottawa, Ontario. They joined the league in the same year, ending up in 7th place.

Cavalry FC is one of the seven teams that played the first inaugural season in CPL. Formed in 2018 in Calgary, Alberta. Their biggest success was winning the regular season in 2019, but they later lost in the finals to Forge FC.

Established in February 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta, FC Edmonton previously competed in the NASL competition. When NASL ceased, and CPL was found, they were one of the seven teams that participated in the first season.

Forge FC is the most successful team in the CPL. They managed to win the championship in both seasons. With Bobby Smyrniotis as a head coach, they are again among the favorites to win the league.

HFX Wanderers FC is the only team that represents soccer from the coast of Nova Scotia in CPL. Formed in May 2018, their biggest success in the league is the runner-up place in the regular season in 2020.

Pacific FC is a team formed in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, in 2018. Their best season result was 4th place in 2020.

Valour FC is the only participant in CPL from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Formed in May 2017, both seasons ended up in 6th place.

York United FC is the third Ontario-based team in the league, and they are one of the seven inaugural teams.

How To Bet On The CPL

To bet on the CPL, you have to open a sportsbook account on a Canadian gambling website and deposit money. Always look for a bookie with higher odds, one that offers free bets, or bookmakers that offer welcome bonus packages for their new customers.

Sports Interaction, PowerPlay, Bet99, Betway, and Bodog, are among the most desired sites among punters in Canada. All of these sites are reliable and safe to use by Canadians. And what’s more to that? All of them have exciting offers and bonus features that Canadians can dive into.

New customers are greeted with alluring bonus and free bets if they choose to deposit and engage in a betting journey. Moreover, gambling websites are offering exciting special promotions that are engaging an excellent customer experience for fans and bonus features and offers like $20 bonus if they deposit $20 dollars into their accounts. No one will say no to a bonus, right?

However, please keep in mind that every bonus comes with a rollover requirement that have to be met in order to use the bonus and withdraw the winnings. These sites usually become home turf for sports enthusiasts in Canada, and they really act as a solid source of entertainment.

Simply sign up, deposit some cash and use your bonus. Make your predictions, and hope for the best!

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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