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Canadian Premier League 2021 (CPL) Betting & Odds

The Canadian online betting scene is here to make you excited and provide an opportunity to win some cash and learn a thing or two as well. There are numerous excellent betting sites which is why we cannot put an accent on just one. They all are fantastic with rich sections, great bonus promotions, a huge variety of sports, relegation and qualification info, standing for a dedicated sport, and many other great features and segments.

If you want to learn more about a championship, league, find some of the best bonus promotions or come across the most profitable Canadian premier league betting odds make sure to read through this article which will mostly focus on the Canadian Premier League.

What Is The Canadian Premier League

Canadian Premier League is Canada’s major, national, and professional soccer league. It is the country’s top soccer league structure. Eight clubs from five of Canada’s 10 divisions compete in the league. Each club plays a total of 28 games during the regular league season, which runs from April to October. The CPL Finals mark the end of the season. The winner of the CPL advances to the CONCACAF League, where they will compete against clubs from Central America and the Caribbean. Fun fact, beginning in 2023, the CPL will be given two direct spots in the new CONCACAF Champions League format.

All Canadian premier league squads compete in the Canadian Championship, which pits them against other Canadian squads from different leagues. 

The league’s debut season in 2019 used a split season system similar to those of Latin American soccer leagues, Europa League, FA Cup, and La Liga. The two-legged CPL Finals pitted the champions of the two seasons against each other.

The league switched to a single season structure in 2020, with a symmetrical schedule and enlarged playoffs, after adding the eighth squad. The regular season of the Canadian Premier League spans from April to October. Each squad plays 28 games, 14 at home and 14 on the road. The top four squads from the regular season advance to the playoffs, which establishes which two teams will compete in the championship.

The Canadian Premier League has eight squads, seven of which played in the first season. Only FC Edmonton was a participant of the North American Soccer League prior to joining the CPL, and they also participated in the Canadian Championship seven times before joining the league. With the inclusion of Atlético Ottawa in 2020, the league grew to eight clubs.

Three squads represent Ontario, two represent Alberta, and British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia are all represented by one squad each. 

Pacific FC and HFX Wanderers FC have the third-longest away journeys of any major professional soccer league worldwide, with a distance of 4,476 kilometers separating them (2,781 mi). With a distance of 70 kilometers, the 905 Derby between Forge FC and York United FC is the smallest distance between two clubs (43 mi). 

CPL Betting Odds 2021

Regardless of which Canadian Premier League odds markets you browse through, you don’t know where you will find the best odds for the squads until you do research. Sports betting websites where you can place bets on the Canadian Premier League are the best place to spend your time.

The Canadian Premier League will undoubtedly become a household brand in the near future. On April 27, 2019, they began their inaugural season. However, already in its third season, the CPL is competing with the MLS and the USL for soccer market share. The CPL is attempting to carve itself a distinct niche with branding that represents the richness of Canada’s ethnic mix as well as a love for the beautiful match of soccer.

A maximum of 7 international players are permitted per side, and at least 6 of the total of 11 stars must be Canadian, proving that this is truly a Canadian League. At least 3 Canadian starters must be under the age of 21 to demonstrate their commitment to developing the sport through youth. It sounds like a nice strategy, rather than a rivalry with other leagues like La Liga, FA Cup, or Europa League, which differentiates the Canadian Premier League from other leagues.

Canadian Premier League Odds will be just as respectable as any other betting website once they are offered on major sportsbooks and catch the attention of internet gamblers. CBC Sports, Canada’s national broadcaster, has agreed to show twenty matches. The broadcast rights to thrilling CPL action are being distributed by Mediapro, paving the way for prospective cooperation with beiIN SPORTS.

Betting sites & popular Canadian payment methods

Canadian gambling sites are abundant with different types of gameplay for the most enthusiastic players. Such sites possess a lot of wagering options on various sports where users can make a deposit and earn some cash. Moreover, not only do sports betting platforms have such gameplay available. Stumbling upon a casino with a sports section is not a rare occurrence either. Operators on both types of platforms deliver the best possible services for players in hope that they will become loyal customers. Also, you get a great chance of participating in a bonus that will bring great rewards. All you have to do to get closer to such a bonus and promotion is make an account.

As for deposits and withdrawals, these types of platforms are always equipped with some of the best payments methods available for Canadian players. Among the many, you will be able to increase your balance or cashout using Interac, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Transfers among others. Cryptocurrencies are not an excluded option for Canadian gamblers as well. They can find websites where they can deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum among others.

What’s more interesting is that all Canadian gambling establishments are completely safe and secure with close to zero risk of coming across any problems.

Betting sites by Canadian Provinces

Whether you want to make an account, claim a bonus, or place the safest bet you can do that at a site strictly dedicated to sports betting or a casino with a sports segment. Already existing customers are in for exciting ongoing bonuses and promotions, but new customers have a unique chance to claim some of the most appealing welcome bonuses.

There are exceeding numbers of gambling sites where Canadian players can find the best betting odds for many sports. What’s even better is that each site can become a mobile site simply by looking it up on your mobile.

Among the best gambling sites for Canadians, you can play at Sports Interaction, BetVictor, Pinnacle, BetWay, bet365, Spin Sports, Mr.Play, William Hill, 888 Sport, and MansionBet. These offer great welcome bonuses, amazing additional bonuses, various rewards, high security, highly responsive customer support, and other amazing features.

By doing brief research you will be able to find the best Canadian premier league betting odds on many of the abovementioned platforms. Since the competition is tough, you can be sure the operators will offer more than the next you check out. Such competitions are a great thing for Canadian gamblers as there is always something more to be gained.

CPL Money Line Odds

The moneyline is one of the most common ways to stake in sports. This popular betting choice is popular among novice, recreational, and seasoned bettors alike, and it’s one of the most straightforward methods to place a sports stake because you’re simply wagering on whether the squad will be victorious or not.

This brief Moneyline Betting Guide will tell you all there is to know about the different types of moneyline wagers available. Moreover, you will learn why and how sportsbooks present the betting odds, as well as how the moneyline can vary from other wagering alternatives like point spreads and totals.

You place a moneyline stake by choosing one of two opposing squads to win the match. There’s no catch, no angle, and you simply pick the right or wrong outcome. 

For a moneyline option, each squad and/or person in the match is assigned a distinct numerical value for players to gamble on. This is referred to as ‘odds.’ Oddsmakers as well as sportsbooks sites calculate the numbers, or odds, depending on how the two opposing teams match up. Each number is denoted by a negative or a positive sign (-/+) in front of it.

Let’s say the New England Patriots have moneyline odds of -120, and Kansan City Chiefs have +150.

In this situation, the Patriots are the favorite team, as indicated by the negative symbol. Due to the plus symbol (+), the Kansan City Chiefs are considered to be the underdog squad. For sportsbooks and bettor outside of Europe, this is standard across all sportsbooks.

Let’s assume you put a CA$100 stake on the Patriots. A winning bet would result in a payment of CA$180 since your CA$100 is returned together with your CA$80 in profits. If you spend the same CA$100 on the Chiefs and they win, you’ll receive a payment of CA$250, which includes your initial wager as well as your CA$150 award.

There isn’t a simple explanation than this and it is as straightforward as it sounds.

Wagering on the Kansas City Chiefs (underdog team, in this scenario), is riskier. However, the winner will have a much better payoff. Wagering on the Patriots, on the other hand, is far less risky. Nonetheless, as a result of this, the winnings will be much less. Keep in mind that the home team always has a better chance of winning due to the environment. Due to the audience as an additional teammate, you can more surely place bets on it.

After knowing this you are ready to place your stakes on the moneyline odds

CPL Against The Spread Odds

Because there is a perceived favorite in most athletic events, the bookies use a spread to create a leveled playing field. This is most frequent in NFL wagering, although point spreads are also common in NBA wagering and other sports.

When you stake ‘against the spread,’ winning the match is no longer enough. The favorite must now win by more than a certain number (the point spread) in order to fulfill the requirements ‘cover the spread.’

Let’s go through some of the fundamentals of spread wagering.

The goal of point spread wagering is to equalize the playing field between two evenly matched squads. Rather than choosing a side to win outright, as one would do with a moneyline bet, spread betting calculates the end result of your stake that is based on the margin of victory.

Because it’s supposed to make every contest a 50/50 proposition, the spread is frequently referred to as the great equalizer. It’s vital to understand that just because your squad wins the match doesn’t imply you’ve won the spread part of your bet.

A negative (-) number of points denotes the favorite, while a positive (+) number of points suggests the underdog, as we mentioned earlier with moneyline type of betting. Favorites should triumph by more points than that of the spread to ‘cover the spread,’ while underdogs should not lose with more scores than the spread.

Let’s set an example where Kansas City Patriots have a spread of +7.5(-110), moneyline +175, and a total of 48.5(-110) O, while New England Patriots have a spread of -7.5(+110), moenyline -220, and a total of 48.5(-110) U.

This example tells us that the New England Patriots are the 7.5-point favorite in this match since they have a negative amount of points. To avoid ‘pushes,’ or ties, half-points are a frequent occurrence added to the point spread. Games that have half-point spreads are often referred to as having a ‘hook.’

Favored New England is considered to be “laying” 7.5 points in this situation. This implies that after the match is over, you deduct 7.5 points from their overall score. They’ve “covered” if they still have higher points compared to the Chiefs. As a result, the Patriots must win by a minimum of 8 points for Canadian gamblers to win their stake.

Kansas City is “having” 7.5 points whereas New England is with 7.5 points. This implies that after the match is over, 7.5 points need to be added to the total score. If Kansas City has more points compared to the Patriots after that, they are ‘covered. So, to gain money from your wager, the Chiefs must lose with at least 8 points of difference in the final result. If the Chiefs only lose by three points, you would win but only if you bet on Kansas City.

CPL Goal Total Odds

One of the favorite methods to gamble in football matches is to bet on total goals. Total goals is a simple gamble that is an excellent alternative to attempting to predict which side will win a match. It’s also one of the most straightforward football wagers to profit from. That is why it is so popular among gamblers from Canada.

However, the majority of football bettors do not profit from this wager, or at least not regularly. The disadvantage of being so simple is that many people simply choose games at random and then predict how many goals will be scored. They largely just go with their gut impulses, with a quick glance at certain important criteria thrown in for good measure. This isn’t going to work at all!

Of all, if you’re only playing for fun, there’s nothing wrong with this strategy. However, wagering on total goals is not a reliable technique to produce continuous income. With the appropriate attitude, it is feasible to profit from these wagers. You must research and evaluate a variety of critical aspects, just like you would with any other football wager. You must also choose your wagering areas with care and only gamble for the proper reasons.

Goal totals wagers are simple to understand. However, the over/under is the simplest of them all. The only thing bettors from Canada have to do is estimate if the total goal number scored by both sides in a forthcoming match will be greater than or less than a certain number. As a result, it’s essentially a 50/50 proposition. The relevant number is set by the bookies, and we must select whether we believe more or fewer goals will be scored.

Typically, the ‘normal’ line for the over/under is 2.5 goals. This is due to this being the average amount of goals scored in all football games. A wager cannot also finish in a draw if the line is ‘half a goal.’ Because a match cannot contain exactly 2.5 goals, a wager must always pick up or lose.

For an upcoming match, here’s an example of the total goals wagering market – Pacific FC vs. Forge FC with Over 2.5 (2.20) and Under 2.5 (1.65).

The line has been placed at the typical 2.5 goals here, as you can see. If you predict this match to have three or more goals, we’ll wager the over. If you think there will be two or fewer, we’ll take the under.

You’ll see that the two sets of odds in this market have a big variation. Although this is frequently the case, it is not always the case. Often, the two sets of odds will be quite similar, if not precisely the same. It is dependent on the wagering site’s or bookmaker’s viewpoint. The bookmaker doesn’t appear to be anticipating a high-scoring match here. They’ve made the underdog’s odds lower because they believe it’s the most likely result.

CPL Prop and Futures Odds

A proposition bet is a side bet that is associated with specific outcomes and results inside a single match. When you select ‘additional bets’ on an event, you will get this list of wagers. Propositions, on the other hand, aren’t truly their own form of wager. They’ll always look like a bet we’ve previously discussed. However, looking at them separately is still beneficial.

There will be a large range of propositions accessible because there is so much going on in any one athletic event. Some will concentrate on individual players, while others will have the accent on squads or the overall game. Some prop bets include:

  • Players props

Player propositions are linked to a player’s performance in the match, especially on the scoreboard. You may bet on the following:

– Player totals: the sportsbook assigns a number to points, assists, yards, and other stats, and you may wager on the over or under

– Who will be the first to score: Similar to futures, they will normally feature a wide range of alternatives, each with a high chance of success.

– Player vs. player performance: the sportsbook puts two players against each other. Your job here is to bet on who you predict will win more points. If one side has a significant advantage the prop will have a built-in spread 

  • Team props

These are similar to player propositions, but they are more centered on the squad. Gamblers bet on which squad will be the first to score, which squad will gain the most yards on the ground, which squad will lead at halftime, and other alternatives.

  • Game propositions

Any proposition bet that isn’t related to the performance of an individual or a squad falls under this category. Will the game be decided over overtime? Will the first squad to get a point take the match? Is the competition going to end with an even or uneven final result? Most game propositions are two-option propositions, but some provide more alternatives, such as predicting the precise amount of goals or the exact final score in a football match.

  • Alternate lines

These are proposition bets that offer a variety of spreads with varying rewards based on the spread modification. 

Gamblers should expect a deluge of Canadian Premier League futures and prop odds wagering options if the league becomes more established. Bookmakers that specialize in football will need some time to research the current True North sports league. Canadian ‘Cappers will be provided bets like “Anytime Goal Scorer” player propositions and ‘Correct Score’ squad propositions based on what is popular on Major League Soccer gambling markets. The first-ever Canadian Premier League Championship futures odds will be released soon.

How Does the CPL Season Work

Canadian Premier League’s third season is taking place in 2021. After beating HFX Wanderers FC in 2020 final, Forge FC is the reigning champion.

The season was supposed to start on May 22, Victoria Day weekend, pending government clearance and the condition of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. On May 14, but it was revealed that the commencement would be delayed until mid-June or early July. 

The league announced on June 5 that will be a full 28-game season, but that it would start with a single-site bubble at IG Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, dubbed ‘The Kickoff,’ with each club playing eight games between June 26 and July 24. All of the matches were held behind closed doors in accordance with Manitoba public health regulations. The CPL began playing matches at home grounds on July 30.

For this season, the amount of playing time that teams must devote to Canadian players aged 21 and under has been doubled from 1,000 to 1,500 minutes.

Two-time winner Forge FC will try to retain their championship against Pacific FC in the final.

The 2021 season features the same eight clubs that were competing in the last year’s CPL season. York United FC, formerly known as York9 FC, will be playing under their new identity for the first time in 2021.

The teams that will compete in this year’s league include Atlético Ottawa, Cavalry, FC Edmonton, Forge, HFX Wanderers, Pacific, Valour, and York United FC a.k.a. York9 FC.

Canadian Premier League vs MLS

You already know that ‘CPL’ stands for Canadian Premier League but you may not know that ‘MLS’ is an abbreviation for Major League Soccer. To begin with, almost every country has its own domestic league. It’s only natural for Canada to join the club.

In addition, the CPL arose from a critical need for Canadian football to develop its players and provide them with chances that they would not otherwise have.

Each MLS squad has a restricted number of foreign lineup spots and is largely made up of homegrown players. Whether they play for an American or a Canadian club, players born in the United States are referred to as ‘domestics.’ Canadians, on the other hand, are only regarded as ‘domestics’ if they play for one of three Major League Soccer clubs in their own nation.

Since spots for the ‘international’ roster are few, American clubs are reticent to use them to recruit Canadian players who lack the same chances as their American counterparts in Major League Soccer. TFC, Impact, and Whitecaps all have Canadian players, although they are in the minority at each club, with just a limited number of starts and consistent playing time.

Canadian players that regularly slip through the net in the MLS and other international leagues will be given an opportunity in the CPL.

The CPL is hoped to enhance Canada’s top player pool, providing national squad manager John Herdman more choices in the matches to come, especially with the country poised to co-host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 with Mexico and the United States.

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

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