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Edmonton, being the northernmost city to have a major sporting team, could be called the Great White North. The Edmonton Eskimos must consistently deliver a high-quality product in order to maintain their lofty title. They have excelled throughout their history. Edmonton Eskimo odds reflect their team’s excellence every season, from their early Grey Cup-winning days through to an unmatched streak post-season.

Bet on Edmonton Eskimos’ Games

Although they officially started the game in 1895, it wasn’t until 1949 that the Canadian Football League was formed. This version of Edmonton Eskimos was incorporated into the Canadian Football League. The Eskies, as they are known, won their first Grey Cup within five years of their arrival. They would not be able to match the success they achieved nearly twenty years later.

The CFL playoffs were not missed by the Edmonton Eskimos from 1972 to 2005, a period of 34 seasons. This 34-season stretch is the longest ever experienced by any team, not only the CFL but also the NFL, NHL and MLB.

As the Western Division competition improved, the streak came to an end. A better sport means more parity and better competition. But there are also tougher, tighter and more intense rivalries. The Calgary Stampeders are the biggest rival to the Edmonton Eskimos. Both teams will compete in the Battle for Alberta, which refers to any sporting competition between Calgary or Edmonton. However, the CFL rivalry and the NHL rivalry are the most important. The Edmonton Eskimos have held the advantage in every meeting, including the playoff series and regular-season series.

Edmonton plays at Commonwealth Stadium, which is the largest permanent home stadium of a CFL team. The place is packed when the Eskies are playing at a high-level. This helps to cheer them on to a great home-field advantage. Edmonton is similar to Calgary in the south. However, Edmonton can get cooler during the playoffs and later part of the season.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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