Super Bowl Prop Bets 2021

People love making decisions and getting paid early on Super Bowl Sunday. They love coin-toss props, which is why they are so fond of them. They also love props that are decided on the field early in the game.

The most sought-after prop in this realm is the player who scores the first touchdown. PointsBet USA’s wideout Mike Evans (+1.050) is the leader in ticket count at 15%. Travis Kelce, Chiefs tight end, is the favorite at 12 percent. These two players are the only ones to reach double digits in ticket percentage.

At 9 percent, Kansas City’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes (+1,600), is taking third, closely followed by Tyreek Hill (+600), and Rob Gronkowski (++1,600), at 6 percent.

PointsBet USA also pays attention to the outcome of the first drive. Sixty-six per cent of tickets are on field goal attempt (+450), 22 percent turnover (+750), 8 per cent on touchdown (+190) and 3 percent punt, despite punt being a favorite of -125.

Despite being the definition of a 50/50 proposition in coin-toss, the prop is still seeing 58 percent tickets on tails at PointsBet USA.

What’s the Super Bowl with out a Gatorade prop? PointsBet’s color pick for the Gatorade bath is yellow/green (+400). However, opinions vary widely. Red (+250), is drawing 18% of all bets, while clear (+700), 17 percent, and blue (+900), 16 percent are drawn. The +125 favorite orange gets 15% of the tickets.

Props for players

All NFL games have player props, but these markets can be huge for high-profile events like the Super Bowl. This allows multiple ways to bet on the performance of any player on the field. Super Bowl props are more popular than traditional betting markets at some sportsbooks.

The Super Bowl 55 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs (Kansas) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will see thousands of bets available from oddsmakers. While many of these bets are just novelty options for those who want to spice up the event’s atmosphere, others could have real value for those who do their research.

Adam Burns, oddsmaker, laughed when asked how many Super Bowl markets his team had opened. “But in the end, I think that means over 3000 options for players. This is indeed our largest offering.

BetOnline’s Burns and his team made it their mission not only to release the most extensive prop betting markets but also to make sure that bettors get the best selections as soon as possible. Many exotic options were available in January.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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