MLS Teams Odds 2021

The popularity of MLS has increased exponentially over the last few years, especially as a draw for sports gambling.

Everything you could need, including MLS Vegas odds and MLS Cup odds. You can find everything you need here if you are looking for Vegas MLS odds to make money.

You can find the MLS odds here. The odds of winning the MLS Cup final are subject to changes. Keep checking back for the most current market rates as the season begins. This page was last modified on July 13, 2021.

How Do You Read MLS Betting Odds

Once you are comfortable with the process, it is easy to interpret MLS betting lines. Let’s focus now on one-game examples.

  • Bet on an MLS Game
  • This is the mock example that we will use throughout this tutorial.
  • Moneyline: D.C. United (-202) vs. Toronto FC (+1150)
  • Point Spread: D.C. United (+1.5) vs. Toronto FC (+1.5).
  • Over/Under 5.5
  • Final Score: D.C. United 1, Toronto FC 0.

Bet on MLS Moneylines

It is easy to place a bet on the MLS lines. The primary goal is to predict who will win. It is also very easy to see the lines. These lines are similar to betting on MLS Cup futures.

The favorite is represented by the negative moneyline. In our example, D.C. United is the favorite. The moneyline at -200 indicates how much you need to bet to make $100 profit. To make $100, you will need to bet $200

The underdog has the positive moneyline. Toronto F.C. Their moneyline is a measure of how much profit you will make for each $100 bet. If they win, they will make $400 profit on every $100 bet.

Bovada is a great choice for MLS moneylines. Find out why in our Bovada review.

Bet on MLS Point Spreads

The MLS points spreads are different from those for other sports. While the concept is the same, you will see 1.5 point spreads over and over again. Let’s get it all sorted out together.

The negative spread refers to how much the favorite must win in order for your bet to succeed. D.C. United’s spread of -1.5 requires them to beat Toronto FC by at minimum two goals in order for your wager to be successful.

The positive spread shows you how much the underdog can lose. You’d receive a payout if Toronto FC loses one goal to D.C. United, or beats them.

D.C. United won the match against Toronto FC by a score 1-0. This means that D.C. United did not cover the match, while Toronto FC did.

MLS Cup Odds & Betting

The postseason concludes each season, leading up to the final with two teams competing for the MLS Cup. This is a great time to be a MLS fan or a bettor as there are always some amazing opportunities with the MLS Cup Vegas odds.

Bettors also have the option to choose from hundreds MLS lines or prop bets, which only appear once a year during the MLS cup final.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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