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The Houston Dynamo are a member of the Western Conference Major League Soccer. They have been since 2006. Dynamo was a natural at the MLS, and they won the Western Conference four times. They also won the conference once, and lost two MLS Cup finals. Dynamo has been on a downward spiral since 2012 when they were runners-up in the MLS Cup. In 2012, Dynamo finished fifth in the West. 2013 saw a slight improvement and they were fourth. [+]

Houston Dynamo Odds Today

You’re probably familiar with the fact that Houston Dynamo odds can change quickly if you have ever placed a bet using moneylines. Before placing a wager, keep up-to-date on the Dynamo’s next game by checking out the consensus odds.

Houston Dynamo Betting

Before you bet on Houston Dynamo, make sure you understand the moneyline before you start betting. To win $100, you will need to wager $250 if the Dynamo play against the Galaxy. If Houston has a line of +250 you can win $250 by betting $100 on Dynamo.

As you can see the positive lines reward bettors more than the negative ones. This means that the greater the number of negative lines, the less likely it is that such an event will occur, and vice versa. Betting on favorites is less risky than betting against underdogs. This reduces the amount of reward you get when you bet on the most likely team to win.

Three moneylines will be displayed for each game during the regular season. These represent the chance of a win or loss and a draw. This makes betting on MLS more complicated than other major leagues that usually have one team winning.

You can wager on individual matches as well as on how they will end. However, it is also possible to put money down to try to predict certain aspects of a soccer match. You can add prop bets (also known as side bets) to your wager on the game. You can place a bet that one team will win and then add a wager that they will keep the score clean or that the favorite will score the first goal.

Houston Dynamo Betting Tips

Houston Dynamo, like many other MLS teams are a very different team at home than on the road.

The Dynamo’s home record for the last three seasons is 22-14-15 from 51 matches. However, they are disappointingly 7-31-13 on the road.

You can find the El Capitan clash between Dynamo FC Dallas on the schedule. This is a highly contested encounter that Dallas has won six of the nine battles and lost one.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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