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The Portland Timbers were established in 2009 and played their first MLS game in 2011. The Timbers were sixth in the Western Conference during their first season. They fell to eighth the next year. The Timbers won the conference title in 2013, thanks to massive improvements. They also reached the semi-finals. They couldn’t repeat that success in 2014, and they fell to a disappointing sixth. However, the team rallied again in 2015 and finished third and won their first MLS Cup.

The Timbers finished seventh in the league last season and were eliminated from the playoffs. They were a formidable team at home but Portland didn’t win one away game in the regular season.

Portland Timbers Betting

It’s important to pay attention to the moneylines offered by any sportsbook when betting on Portland Timbers. These lines will help you determine if it is worth betting on a team.

If the Timbers play the Sounders and Portland has a line at -250, that means Seattle is expected to lose the game. To win $100 in Portland, you would need to bet $250. The Sounders will win if they have a line of +250. In this instance, Portland would be the underdog. To win $250 you would need to place a $100 wager.

Because a significant number of matches end in a draw, betting on the MLS differs from betting on NBA, NHL and MLB regular season games. This complicates matters. You’ll see a third moneyline, which represents the chance of a tie between Seattle and Portland. Sometimes you will see three positive moneylines in a game. This is a sign that it is extremely difficult to predict which team will win a soccer match.

Once you are comfortable with betting on single games you can move on to prop betting. This focuses on the odds that a particular event will occur during a match. Side bets include the over/under on goals, which is whether a team will win. You can place a prop wager if you see overwhelming odds of one side winning over the other. This will increase your betting profit and possibly make the team win.

Portland Timbers Betting Tips

It can be frustrating to support the Portland Timbers. It is frustrating to be a fan of the Portland Timbers. You go to home games, see your team win over the best in the MLS. But then you follow them on the road, where they often lose.

Timbers were 12-3-2 at home in 2016, scoring 35 goals and conceding 21. Timbers’ record away from Providence Park was 0-6-11, with a team score of 13 and an opponent score of 32. This is going to be another disappointing campaign for the Timbers if they don’t fix this problem.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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