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Bettors can get excited as the leaves change colours and fall starts to set in. The MLS playoff action will kick off and continue until December 1. There are 3 rounds of conference play and 16 games before MLS Cup action, so there’s plenty of soccer action to choose. This site offers the best online MLS playoffs betting. It also has links to top bookmakers and live odds.

How to Bet on MLS Playoffs

Major League Soccer playoffs have 12 teams, six from each conference. They play 17 games including finals. The knockout stage of the MLS playoffs begins at the end October. The knockout stage pits each conference’s third, sixth, fourth and fifth seeds against each other. Each team will face the winner of their game.

Each team will play a home match in the next round. The aggregate score of both matches determines the winner. This means that the highest scoring team moves on to the next round. The teams may split the games. If the game ends in a draw, the winner is determined by the team that scored the most goals. If the away goals are tied, the game ends with a penalty shootout. Although the process is complicated, it allows the matches to be played differently and both can be entertaining.

D.C United and the LA Galaxy are the top two MLS teams in playoff history. MLS currently has five franchises who, despite their 79 wins, have not won a playoff match since spring 2016. The league hopes to have 24 clubs by 2020. This will increase parity and allow clubs to create strong enough teams to end their postseason droughts.

Postseason betting can offer great opportunities for bettors, including over/under and prop betting. The games become tighter as the teams match up better in postseason. This is especially true after the knockout stage. The playoffs offer great opportunities for player prop betting. Most common props for players are the first and last goal scorer as well as whether or not a particular player will score during the game. Bookmakers sometimes offer prop bets that are based on certain players’ actions or an event. This could be whether one player will receive more yellow/red cards during the playoffs. Another example is whether any players will headbutt. These prop bets are undoubtedly the most entertaining, but they are also a bit riskier. Bettors should be aware.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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