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Orlando City SC is a Major League Soccer team based in Orlando. Orlando City SC is relatively new to the MLS. They were 21st franchise in the league on November 19, 2013. They participated in the 2015 season, finishing 7th in Eastern Conference and 14th overall. The team played out of the Orlando City Stadium. Their first season was marred by a series of injuries. Despite all their injuries, Orlando was only five points away from a playoff spot.

Bet on Orlando City’s Games

Orlando SC is a member of the MLS, North America’s premier football league. Anyone who has been following the competition since its inception will be familiar with the rapid growth and popularity of the league over the past decade. This includes the addition of numerous expansion teams. Fans will be hopeful that the club can hit the ground running in its first few seasons as a relatively new league addition.

The MLS offers a wide range of betting opportunities, including a variety of games that are played over a 12-month period. One of the most striking differences between football and North American sports is the three possible outcomes in each regular season fixture: win, loss, and draw. This means that your chances of winning will always be high.

To reap the rewards of your past performances, historical matchups, and current form, you should leverage this knowledge. The best websites will offer a “draw-no-bet” option if you aren’t as confident about placing your money on three-outcome bets.

This is a good option if you’re certain that your team won’t lose but not necessarily win. The “both teams score” option is another option. This line is usually offered at close to even money, and it’s definitely worth keeping in mind in a league with high-scoring games.

Orlando is new to the league and has yet to establish any major trends. However, this gives you, the punter, an advantage. Betting companies are unable to accurately price teams without historical data. They will often resort to odds that they can profit from. You may be able stay ahead of the game if you pay close attention to Orlando’s results.

Orlando SC Betting Tips

Orlando has an egregious away record, which is a common problem for many MLS teams. Orlando lost three out of 17 away fixtures and couldn’t cope with the straining conditions. It was not the worst away record, but it isn’t enough.

Orlando is not afraid to score goals. They were the Eastern Conference’s best team with 55 goals in 2016. If it was up to their offense, Orlando could have qualified for the postseason. This is before you consider Orlando’s defense. They allowed 60 goals, which was the highest number of goals conceded by any team in the MLS.

These stats are indicative of the fact that you will want to place a bet on the overs in every Orlando game until their team is sorted out. It will be difficult to find a better betting strategy. You should make sure that they are following the same path and use the overs market in a larger parlay bet.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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