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The Red Bulls were originally founded as the New York Metro Stars in 1996. They are currently one of 10 charter teams for Major League Soccer. The Red Bulls’ twenty-year history has seen high-profile players like Thierry Henry (French superstar) and Bradley Wright-Phillips (English striker). Many notable players were part of New York’s roster during their first years as Metro Stars in the MLS. They included Peter Vermes and Lothar Matthaus.

New York Red Bulls Online Betting Tips

What will 2017 bring for the Red Bulls?

They won 13 home games, lost two, and were very successful during the regular season. However, their road record was disappointing (3-7-7) which ultimately cost them the Supporters’ Shield.

Red Bulls that can improve their away will be solid 2017 MLS Cup picks.

Bradley Wright-Phillips joined the Red Bulls in New York in 2013 and has been the driving force behind the team, providing the majority of its firepower.

Wright-Phillips was the MLS Golden Boot winner in 2014, scoring a team record of 27 goals.

His 17 goals and seven assists in 2015 made him the fifth-leading scorer of the MLS. Wright-Phillips scored 24 goals in 20916, to win the Golden Boot the second time in three years. Can the Englishman win back-to-back Golden Boot titles

Because the New York Red Bulls is such a popular team there are many sportsbooks that allow you to place bets like Bovada, TopBet and SportsBetting.

You have probably already created an account or used these sites in the past. There are so many options, it is important to consider the benefits of different bonuses.

New York Red Bulls Betting Tips For the MLS Cup

They are among the most powerful teams in the Eastern Conference. The franchise hopes to qualify for the play-offs, and compete properly for the MLS Cup. The New York Red Bulls betting tips are available to you. You can also wager on the MLS Cup winner during the season. You can get a run for you money on Antepost Major League Soccer markets throughout the season.

Bet on the next New York Red Bulls Manager

New York’s franchise is always looking for a manager that can lead a team to success. Many punters like to speculate about who will be the next Red Bull Arena manager. There is a large selection of potential candidates for the job, and the odds of each candidate landing the vacant post reflect the likelihood of that they will. There are often many other markets for next managers that span several different football leagues.

Bet on the New York Red Bulls Top Scoring Player

There is intense competition for spots within the New York Red Bulls team. Many punters enjoy placing wagers on who will steal the most goals for their team. You can place a bet on the top scorer of all North American soccer clubs using the MLS Team Special betting markets. Some bookies allow multiple bets.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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