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Traditional advice for sports betting fans is to avoid “sentimental” picks. For example, when Liverpool is too big a favorite over Derby County or Wimbledon, despite the fact that Reds have been rested most of the first 11. Watford’s win against Liverpool in February 2020, which ended a Reds streak of unbeaten games, paid out double digits.

Now that instant stats for English Championship and League One are available, the standard handicapper’s prediction of David vs Goliath matches is more balanced. Gambling odds do not suffer from the same 100% top-level prediction bias as they once were. The betting strategy still works for international soccer gambling.

The Premier League’s elite clubs must contend with a stronger UEFA team than ever before. This can lead to fatigue and vulnerability in all competitions. While bookmakers have to place similar odds on soccer picks such as Liverpool and Juventus, Liverpool will likely face a more difficult task keeping up with domestic powerhouses.

English football has a higher quality than any other sport. There are large groups of fans who deny that there is a discrepancy between lower-ranking domestic clubs. Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea fans want to believe that their clubs will always be the dominant Premier League team, which can often bias their soccer selections. Other European league supporters also believe that their favourite divisions are as strong as England.

For a different reason, popular soccer picks from other national leagues may be undervalued. A North American team will be able to compete on the sole basis of soccer skill by having a European-level Midfielder in Major League Soccer. However, this doesn’t mean that the team is ready to face physical opponents at home or across borders. Picking soccer clubs based on their skill level could lead to a large margin of error, as happened during the 2020 MLS is Back Stage.

You should look for “underdogs” soccer picks against teams that do not win the headlines. Remember that Wolverhampton FC fought harder to keep a UEFA-worthy place on the league table when Wolves are facing a European rival. If predictions on similar European clubs are priced disproportionately or Los Angeles FC or the L.A. Galaxy are favored more than a flyover MLS team, be sure to look at match reports that show the team receiving the least media attention. You could find that people mistake familiarity for quality and take the less traveled route to win.

Team Odds to Win: Soccer Bets on the Money Line

FanDuel Sportsbook offers traditional 3-way money lines on domestic and international soccer matches. Moneylines are based on $100 or $1.00 bets, offering a payoff in-multiple for “plus” odds and a $100 or $1 return on a given sum in a “minus” market.

If Wimbledon is a (+300) underdog, $300 or $3 can be won on $100 or $1 bets, respectively, if Wombles win. If opposing Derby County is (-125) to win as a favorite, then $100 can be won on a $125 wager if Rams prevail. But the Draw market might come with its own (+150) or similar odds as 1 of 3 likely outcomes of the game. When league or tournament matches do not require a penalty-kick tiebreaker or even an extra period beyond “stoppage time,” a 90+ minute draw is considered an ordinary result.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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