King Of The Cage Betting Lines

People find it hard to believe that the mega-popular King of the Cage is present for over 20 years, as it seems like everything started just yesterday! The brutally charming King of the Cage betting lines provides fight fans with an opportunity to dig into the most inspiring matches worldwide.

It all began in 1998 when Terry Trebilcock founded this organization. He started a partnership with Mark Burnett, and the brand made its first step towards great fights for up and comers. Since then, King has hosted adrenaline-boosting challenges, mainly thrilling MMA events for fighters who want to become popular in the fighting scene!

Fighting fanatics can also witness some MMA old-timers who are still mad about this sport. Mixed martial arts sport has become truly widespread in the past 10 years. As a result, names such as the King of the Cage, UFC, and Bellator are continuing to create sports events that are watched by millions.

UFC Fight Pass

Some of them even have subscriptions, like the UFC fight pass, that you can buy to access exclusive content. The betting odds for sports like this one are going through the roof at the moment, with numerous Canadian bookmakers giving out outstanding fight odds.

Betting Odds

When every fight card is announced, betting sites are on the move, trying to give out odds for every weight class and individual fighter. The one in one fight is always the major event, where two fighters go all out for the bantamweight title or any other division. 

Betting odds during this event are always through the roof and differ from one bookie to another. So, Canadian punters should always check with multiple betting sites to uncover who offers the best fight odds.

King of the Cage has a considerable reputation for hosting outstanding events. One of the best was back in 2020, February 1st, on a Saturday, hosted in Lincoln City, Oregon, in the Chinook Winds Casino Arena. This MMA event saw Daniel Stewart going up against Gibran Alvarez. Stewart took home the victory beating Alvarez, scoring the bout 30-27.

King of The Cage Betting in Canada

King of the Cage is also remarkably famous in Canada. Some fans might not get the chance to visit Las Vegas and witness some of the events. However, they can comfortably follow every match from their homes.

Also, when the fight week comes around, every betting site is prepared to promote the fights and give out special bet credits, sometimes even free bets. These free bets can be easily claimed at sportsbook websites or certain online casinos with sports betting. 

Sometimes, the latest odds on some future events aren’t yet posted. However, once the cage events are accounted for – gambling websites will be immediately ready. Plus, when a specific competition, promotion, or some fights are postponed due to various reasons, the previous odds are deleted. 

Nevertheless, once a fighter like Sean O’Malley says he is ready to get back in the octagon, odds will start hitting sports betting sites, and everything will be back to normal.

Types of King of The Cage Bets

Some new customers aren’t familiar with the types of wagers available in this promoter’s matches or MMA in general. Fortunately, we happen to have significant experience with bouts like this and will show you how to place wagers efficiently, thus aggregate your chances of winning them.

Fight Winner

The most common MMA bet is straightforward, picking your favourite fighter to win in the ring. Bettors should check out a couple of fights before placing their bet. After all, they must have some idea of who they are wagering on, as opposed to just looking at the odds and placing blind bets.

Total Rounds

Another popular option is to bet on the total rounds that fighters will last the ring. Usually, every match lasts three rounds. However, the main card can go up to 5. You can make your predictions and combine these types of bets with the fight winner. So, you can make a bet that your favourite fighter will win in the first round, thus gaining higher value on your money.

Method of Victory

There are numerous ways fighters can win a match. There have been multiple championship fighters that have won by technical decision, submission, KO, and TKO. Bettors can bet that a certain fighter will be crowned champion by submission. 

King of The Cage Betting Tips

If this is your first meeting with King of the Cage or MMA in general, we’re here to give you tips on how to make some cash on the night of the event.

#1 Don’t Focus on the Defending Champ

Even if your beloved fighter is the favourite, always watch out for the underdog. Check the fighter’s stats, research his strengths and weaknesses, and compare them to your pick. Also, check out the weigh-ins. Sometimes, fighters will go to extremes to get to a specific weight, which might be a turning point, even if the show hasn’t started yet.

#2 Visit Legit Sports Betting Websites or Online Casinos

Never trust some dodgy website that you just stumbled upon. There are plenty of articles on the world wide web that give you the best sites to place bets. Some online casino sites even have special bonuses that they give out before one championship begins.

Focus because these bonus bet credits can be limited, so find a particular casino or sports betting website and commit only then. 

#3 Start Slow

Never go into gambling, thinking that you know everything and that you should spend as much as possible. Responsible gaming is vital. Look at predictions that experienced bettors have posted, they might not be 100% right, but it is better than doing it yourself without any experience.

#4 Look at Predictions

Now, we have no intention for you to ask some of your friends or online buddies for predictions, but we suggest you visit some sites, especially Youtube. Here, dedicated fans and punters who have been watching the sport know what they are talking about. There could be many gems on the internet, and it isn’t easy to find them, but when you do, stick to them and listen to what they have to say.

King of The Cage FAQ

If you haven’t found what you were looking for in this article, we invite you to go through our FAQ sections. Here, you can find some extra information that may be handy for those who want to learn more about the best bet type and how to place a wager on the potential champion using a mobile device and win.

Which Type of Bet is Best for King of the Cage Matches?

Any type can be profitable, but on the other hand, you need to be careful not to make a mistake. But, because we are on your team, we indeed suggest going for the smoothest yet profitable way – the fight winner. Pay attention to the latest odds, and you will see who is the favourite. Scroll through every weight class and pick one match.

Can I place a bet from my mobile device?

Of course, you can! Most betting sites have either a dedicated mobile application that you can download or their website is fully mobile-optimized. You will see that all the matches from King of the Cage, UFC, Bellator, and other promoters are available for bettors.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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