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UFC stands for the ultimate fighting championship and as an event is pretty intense. And ooh boy, so exciting! Energy flows everywhere and adrenaline is on the highest level, not only for the contestants but also for those who are watching and making their bets on proper UFC betting sites. UFC betting belongs to the fastest growing industries and is the leader of providing material fulfilled with choking opponents and spreading blood like you spread butter on your toast.

This is a mixed martial arts sport, MMA for short, meaning you get to see fighters combine different fighting styles from around the world. It is definitely one of the best mood boosters of all time because watching how insane fighting styles are going on that stage is mesmerizing and fascinating for those who really love this sport. The UFC betting market is quite a popular one in almost any online sportsbook with many offering competitive betting odds.

We’ll jump ahead to explaining the UFC betting options, MMA bets, and UFC odds that apply to betting on UFC fights online, by providing these statistics from legit sports betting sites.

UFC Betting in Canada

MMA betting is legal in Canada and many online casinos that have a sportsbook accept betting on UFC fights. You can put free bets in the online casino you have chosen, and on some sites, you can even watch online UFC fights and be informed about UFC stats and UFC events.

One of the most important aspects of betting online is to know the betting market and to be well informed about the competitive odds from your favourite betting site.

The principle of betting is simple, as the most used type of UFC bet is the one called Moneyline who as a type of bet is very plain. This means that you are betting for one of the fighters to win and you get paid according to the odds that were provided with the fighter you’ve chosen.

Favourites are expressed through negative numbers such as – i. e – 250, this means that if you want to win £100 you will have to pay £250. All of the underdogs are marked with positive numbers, i.e +250, so UFC bettors should place a UFC wager of £100 so they could win £200.

The option of betting on draws is part of this sport also, so if there is a draw in the match the bettors get their money back, but if it’s the case of a three-way money-line bet, you are not getting a dime back.

Just as a reminder, before placing any bet, don’t forget to check a legit online sportsbook where you will find all the needed information and updated MMA betting odds. There are many Canadian sportsbooks that allow bettors to place their bets and below we will give you the top 5 sites where you can enjoy a UFC Fight night.

Best UFC Betting Sites Canada

We’ve chosen the top 5 Canadian betting sites that make UFC betting online easier and safe. This means they all have the required license for legal betting and the results they provide are constantly up to date.

You can safely bet on the fights and have fun while you’re doing it, of course by making money and increasing your income. Just put your money on your favourite UFC fight, have a sip of the cold beer that’s in your hand, and feel free to enjoy while betting.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one the best UFC betting sites where you can track your MMA odds, learn some betting tips, watch the betting lines and place multiple bets on anything that you like.

This site is placed amongst the top 3 UFC betting sites, providing a ton of options for the bettors. In terms of betting lines, they tend to open their lines later than the rest of the sites, but they will still be in the first place because of their high level of the line value.

Another pro of this betting site is that signing up and placing a bet on the go is made so easy and simple, you go to their mobile platform, place your wager. Players can also get their welcome bonus that consists of a 100% match up to $100, fully enjoy the upcoming fights and other types of combat sports.


Betway is a staple when it comes to online betting and is one of the best online sportsbooks. It has an excellent selection of sports, including all the most popular sports in addition to UFC. New players can receive a free bet of $10 to start their betting journey right.

The site has a very intuitive user-friendly interface, that makes it easy for players to navigate through it. The simplistic design makes it work seamlessly across all mobile devices, so players can enjoy betting on UFC on the go.


Bodog is one badass of a UFC betting site, in terms of creativity and productiveness, this site is high in the sky, which can bring nothing but luck for you and your friends. In one word, you are getting the best betting options.

One of the great things that make Bodog an excellent UFC betting site is the high degree of customer care service, providing the clients with step-by-step guides on how to enter the site and place their bets. Another thing worth mentioning, and also very important to know, as a piece of information about the history of this site, is that Bodog was one of the first UFC betting sites that opened UFC betting lines in Canada.


888Sport has a license that covers the territory of British Overseas, and at the same time, it has been traded on the London stock exchange, with the focus given on European and British sports.

There is a possibility for players to open their own accounts if they want to be in touch with the betting lines which are running on European sites. Another positive fact about 888Sport is that it offers live odds, and as a sportsbook, it should always be taken into consideration because of the huge possibilities they provide for their bettors.

Types of UFC Bets

There are plenty of types of UFC bets that you can use while you are betting on the upcoming fights, you should know that there are two types that have the highest frequency of usage.

These types are: betting on how long the fight will last and the method of victory, and who will be the fighter who wins the fight.

In the next section, we will go through all of the UFC betting types, so that you could make the right choice for your bet credits and for betting on the upcoming fight.

Fight Winner

This type of bet includes betting on the fighter winning the entire bout and it’s an excellent bet for amateur bettors. Betting on underdog fighters and winning will often multiply your bets by a lot and gives you more chances to earn money than betting a clear favourite.

Parlay Bet

Parlay UFC bets are a type of accumulator bet where you can bet on more than one fighter on a ticket. The only way to win this type of bet is if all the predictions that you’ve made come true.

Total Rounds

Total rounds means that you are betting on a line in which the bet is placed on the fact of how long the fight is going to last.

Method of Victory

This is a method that involves three possible ways of winning, so on this type of bet, we have Points, Submission, and KO. It is a pretty plain and simple bet, that includes betting on how you think the fight is going to end.

Winner, Round, and Method of Victory

These are three kinds of bets that can make you some money and they have not complicated at all. As mentioned above, the method of victory type is strictly focused on the way a fight is going to end, then the round betting, which involves betting on what round the bettor thinks the match is going to end. The winner is a bet that includes betting on which fighter is going to win to what fight will end the match.

UFC Betting Tips

When it comes to MMA betting tips you should know that MMA as a sport doesn’t have so many variables like the other sports, so you should really understand the way your favourite fighter is fighting their rounds, their physical condition, and age.

These are all predetermining factors for predicting future wins and the only safe way for upgrading your stakes. Responsible gaming should also be your priority. Here are some UFC betting tips to help you out.

#1 Betting Tip

Look for the skills of your favourite fighter. Study their form, fighting style, and previous matches to understand their weaknesses and skills. This way you’ll be able to create a winning strategy that will not fail you.

#2 Betting Tip

Don’t always go for the underdog. You might be tempted to bet on the underdog because of the bigger prizes that come with those wins, but you need to analyze first if the underdog is worth the risk. Sometimes, the favourites are chosen for a reason. Analyze each fighter’s skill, form, and fighting style to determine who can bring you a considerable win.

#3 Betting Tip

You shouldn’t bet on every fight that comes along, instead, carefully watch the progress of your favourite fighter and the way they manage to win KO fights. Always take into consideration the weight class of the fighters that you are betting on.

Biggest UFC & MMA Events

One of the biggest UFC event is the 229 main event. The fight is between an undefeated fighter and a showman who had excellent performances throughout the whole championship. There are also many pay-per-view events with the biggest stars going head to head.

UFC & MMA Betting Rules

In UFC and MMA betting there is a rule that clearly states the selecting of the winner depends on the victory method that has been chosen and on which round the match will end. The bets will be lost if the fight finishes in a decision.

UFC Betting FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions related to UFC Betting :

How to bet on the UFC matches in Canada?

Canada has one of the best MMA betting sites in the world and those that appear on the top are the safest sites where people can place their bets.

It definitely has the best betting markets, especially in terms of ufc betting, and this is because this sports spreads with the speed of light.

Where can I bet on the UFC?

You can bet on the UFC using the online betting sites that are recommended as safe and up to date.

What types of bets can I make on the UFC?

These are the type of bets that you can make on the UFC :

Moneyline, Over/ Under, Method Of Victory, Round Fight Ends, Futures, Parlays, Point Handicap.

Is live betting available on the UFC?

Yes, live betting is available on the UFC however not all sportsbooks have this option.

Is betting on the UFC legal?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the UFC since is one of the most popular sports where bettors place their bets.

What are the most popular bets on the UFC?

The most popular bets on the UFC are : choosing to bet on the method of victory , how long the fight will last and who of the two fighters will win.

Can I parlay multiple UFC bets?

Even though parlay bets are not very favorable, in this type of sport they can be very positive, and when it comes to increasing the chance for a win, there is always space to do this on more than one bet. So the answer is yes, you can parlay multiple UFC bets.

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

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