Tour de France Betting, Odds & Picks [2021]

Writing an article about this extraordinary event is so exciting and fulfilling. Tour de France represents a multiple-stage bicycle race that is held in the heart of France, that sometimes spreads in nearby countries.

Tour de France stage number is 21 where every stage lasts for a day, while the whole event lasts for 23 days or three weeks. The cyclists cycle with their bikes throughout the mountains. It is the biggest cycling event and the winner of the race besides getting recognition gets to wear the yellow jersey.

Tour de France Betting is also a thing, a big thing actually, so that is why there are many ways to watch the event and there are many sportsbooks that will give you their odds so that your bets can win.

If you want to win and make good bets, you need to learn about the casino rules, the different stages, the individual time trial, the odds, in one word, you need to learn about your betting options!

Cycling: Tour De France Betting For The Win!

As a bettor, you should be always betting for the win!

This means you need a positive attitude and a full credit card. If you’re interested in Tour De France betting ,most of the betting sites offer free bets. Not every legal betting site has them so you just need to get a little bit of information and learn how to get it. As a type of betting it’s not very popular, but those who do bet on Tour De France are really committed to it as an event.

Following the best of the best will allow you to bet and win! Be cautious about choosing your cyclist, always make sure of the progress he has, and what was their result throughout the stages.

Keep your head clear and straight, go after all the events and check the odds constantly so you will be ahead with your bets.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into the pool of information about this incredible event!

How Does The Tour De France Work?

Tour De France works in a way that each year, as a rule, and tradition of the race, the format, and the time trial stay the same while the route is constantly changed. This includes the mountain passages which aren’t limited to the Alps and the Pyrenees, and also the Champs – Elysees in Paris which is the finish line.

Tour De France’s latest editions have 21 day-long segments or so-called stages that go over a 23-day long period. In the mountain stages, the distance that the cyclists are making is 3,500 kilometres, and the circuits that they make go clockwise and counterclockwise.

The participants in Tour de France are divided into teams; the number varies from 2o to 22 and each team consists of 8 cyclists. Within all of these mountain stages, there is a precise time that the cyclists should finish, and then from all of the stages, the time is calculated for each participant.

Tour De France is divided into two-stage types: time trials and mass starts. Time trials mean that the competitor is moving alone or he is riding with his own team.

Mass starts require that all the contestants should start at the same time and they will ride all of them together, with groups that separate from the ‘herd’ by being in advantage or by leaving behind.

The time trial is designed for contestants that belong to the group of sprinters, so that is why the terrain is flat, the distance is short and the possibility of getting injuries along the ride is at a low level. The race here is finished by cycling only two stages.

The main point that separates mass starts from time trials is the ability of the cyclists to see what their opponents are doing so they could adjust their strategy accordingly.

The outright winner that has the best points classification is going to be the overall winner of the race, like Mark Cavendish who is one of the greatest sprinters in history.

All-Time Winners

With the 2021 Tour De France recently ending, we can’t help reminisce about previous all time winners. Most notable ones have won the tour couple of times, their wins start from 2 and they go to the record of winning tour de France 5 times. Alberto Contador decided to retire in 2017 after gaining two wins, and in his place came Chris Froome, with 4 wins.

The best tour in the last years was made by the Slovenian handsome boy, Tadej Pogacar by winning all the individual stages. He has 2 wins in a row, one in 2020, and in 2021, where he mesmerized the whole world with his strength and ambition.

One of the biggest problems in all sports but in this one particular is the doping problem. This is strictly prohibited by all laws and it means that the riders who took doping will be disqualified.

As one of the biggest examples of how to lose a title that has been won 7 times, is the famous cyclist Lance Armstong who lost all of his winnings because he took the risk of using doping to boost his performances on tour de France. This is one of the spots where they don’t accept doping and taking other supplements that boost the rider’s energy and gives them additional strength to finish all of the stages.

The best of them all is the legendry Eddy Merckx who has managed to win 11 Grand tours, 5 monuments, and several world championships. He managed to achieve the Triple Crown of Cycling which include winning the Tour which starts in Paris and The World Championship, all in only one season.

Eddy Merckx is the on of the best in competitive cycling. A rider who gained great achievements in this sport dedicated, successful, and ambitious, which is the main reason why he broke the Hour Record.

Previous Tour de France Winners

The charismatic Slovenian Tadej Pogacar is one of the previous winners of Tour de France , who won two stages in a row, in 2020 and 2021.

Also, others who have won the tour were: Andy Schleck 2010, Cadel Evans 2011, Bradley Wiggins 2012, Vincenzo Nibali 2014, Geraint Thomas 2018, Egan Bernal 2019.

How To Bet On The Tour De France

Tour de France Betting depends on many factors and many aspects should be taken into consideration before you make a bet. This includes gathering enough information about certain stages and different riders. You should observe the overall race so that you could come to a conclusion in which direction your bets should go.

A very important part of successful betting here is to analyze the terrain and notice the difference in the terrain of the stages, this means monitoring if the stage is flat or if it is made up out of climbs that could be really exhausting for the competitors.

Another thing to consider when you are picking and making your betting option is to really be careful because estimating who will last the whole race is complicated and that could harm your wallet.

Never underestimate the long-term goals of the cyclists, because every one of them has their own individual focus, which means that if some have the opportunity to win a race, most certainly they won’t be focused on gaining a stage victory.

Common Types Of Tour De France Bets

Like in every other sport, there are different types of bets that you could make in tour de France, but before you go and make your wager you need to get familiar with each and one of them.

The best way of staying updated is to read the information on a proper website, which gets the material from a legitimate source.

In the next paragraph, we are going to look through all of the most common types of wagering, which include: Race Winner, Top 3 Finish, Top 10 Finish, Stage Betting, Futures Betting, King of the Mountain, Young Rider Betting.

Race Winner

This bet means that you are choosing who will be the outright winner of the race and you are placing your bet on that particular rider.

Top 3 Finish

This means that you are betting for a player to win in all of the three grand tours, called The Triple Crown of Cycling. They involve Tour de France, the Giro-Tour which sometimes is excluded, and UCI World Road Race Championship.

Top 10 Finish

The top 10 finish bet includes betting on one cyclist that you need to be sure he’ll end up in the first top 10. You really need to follow his progress and all of the time trials he’s been making in the previous races.

Stage Betting

In this kind of bet, the focus goes on the big number of stages that allow the competitors to get themselves a stage win. For every rider, there is a high or a low marking point, which is given to the bettors so they could make an over or under bet which depends on the given favourites and their mark.

Futures Betting

This bet involves betting about how many of the cyclists are going to be able to get to the finish line by winning all the stages of the race.

King of the Mountain

Is a bet that includes betting on one of the two riders that you chose, so the rider who will get the highest score from the King Of The Mountain will be the winner.

Young Rider Betting

Is a separate competition where cyclists are under the age of 26 compete so the winner could wear the white jersey. To win this bet you should put your wager on the rider with the highest score on the leaderboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2022 Tour de France?

The next Tour De France is going to start on the 1st of July, 2022.

How to Watch the Tour de France?

You can stream it on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service or you can watch it live on NBC SN and NBC.

How much is the Tour de France prize money?

The total price for this sports event was €2,288,450, the winner of 2020 took €500,000.

Is it legal to bet on the Tour de France in Canada?

The answer to this question is yes. It is legal for Canadians to bet on Tour De France and the safest website that they should use for placing their bets is 365bet.

Where can you bet on the Tour de France?

There are a couple of sites that are safe for players to put their bets, without someone hacking their account and taking their personal information. Those are BetUS, MyBookie, BetOnlineSports, Bovada sports.

Can I bet on the Tour de France with bitcoin?

You most certainly can because bitcoins are even recommended for this type of betting.

Which Tour de France sites accept PayPal?

Canadian sites that are licensed to work with online betting are avoiding working with this type of payment because it is easier for personal information to be stolen. William Hill is a site that accepts PayPal, other sites do not work with this payment method.

How to compare Tour de France odds?

You can find pieces of information about comparing odds on the Tour De France homepage where every live odd is listed so you can make your comparison.

Why do Tour de France odds change?

The odds in Tour de France are changing because the riders can get injured, which is common during those 23 days of cycling. Another reason for changing is the condition that refers to the weather conditions, changes in the field, and the performance of the riders.

Who makes Tour de France odds?

Every legit online sportsbook has its own team of awesome bookmakers who are setting the bet lines, so this highly depends on which sportsbook you are using. Sharp sportsbooks, as mentioned above, have whole teams who write the odds, and Square sportsbooks are getting the odds from betting lines that are set in Vegas, and again they form their odds according to the biggest Sharp sportsbooks.

Where to find the best odds for Tour de France?

You can check out the online sportsbook of Here you will find out all the information you need to know about finding the best odds and making some money on your favourite cyclist.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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