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The FIBA Basketball World Cup (also known as the World Cup of Basketball) was established in 1950. It is held every four years. The 2019 FIBA World Cup took place in China. The next one will take place in Indonesia, Japan and The Philippines in 2023.

What are the odds of winning the Basketball World Cup?

There are many odds of winning the FIBA World Cup. You can bet on which team will win the tournament with the outright odds. The moneyline odds are single-game wagers that pick the winner. The point spread is similar to the moneyline, but with a points handicap.

You can also bet on totals, or over/under, which is the sum of two teams. Prop bets (or “prop bets”) are side bets that include “tournament MVP” and “team to score the most points”.

How to bet on the FIBA World Cup

There are many options available. Bet on the FIBA World Cup.There will be a range of betting options available for each game and futures for Naismith Trophy and FIBA World Cup winners. Basketball odds will be displayed next to each bet, which indicates the chance of it being a winner.

The odds are the numbers that appear next to the name of the country. They can either be listed as negative or positive. Positive numbers are less likely to win than their opponent and would indicate the underdog. The team with a negative number is the favorite and they are more likely to win.

If Argentina is at +200 and Spain at -200 in a qualifier, it means that Argentina is the favorite to win. Spain is the underdog. While a wager on Argentina would not pay much, the sportsbook predicts that they will win. However, a bet placed on Spain would pay more if they won.

The FIBA World Cup odds show how much money you would have to wager to win a specific amount. To win $100, you would have to place $200 on Argentina. To win $200, you’d need to place $100 on Spain.

Bets on the FIBA World Cup are very popular

Let’s look at some of the most popular betting options available at the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

FIBA World Cup Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is the simplest type of betting you can place in basketball betting. It is simple to comprehend and great for novice bettors. It is your job to decide which team wins the game. That’s all.

In the example with Argentina and Spain, we have shown you how to calculate the moneyline. The odds of winning the game will be displayed and you can decide which team wins.

FIBA World Cup Point Spreads

Point spreads are very popular in all professional sports. Many like to place point spreads on basketball. Point spreads are essentially a way to give the underdog an advantage in games that are not one-sided.

The spread is a measure of how many points a team has to win or lose, depending on the side you are betting on. If the favorite team is chosen, the spread will be negative and they must win by that amount. The underdog must either lose the game by less than this number or they will be disqualified.

FIBA World Cup Totals

You can bet the totals if you don’t want to pick a team to win the tournament. To sum it all, you don’t need to pick one team to win. You just need to determine if the combined points of both teams will exceed or fall below the line.

If the United States is playing Spain and the total is 170, then you need to decide whether you believe each team will score more or less than 170.

FIBA World Cup Futures

The FIBA World Cup’s most popular bet, the futures wager can be described as an ‘odds of winning the championship’ situation. The tournament champions will be determined by you, but this bet can be placed months to even years ahead.

The higher the risk, the more you place your bet. Even if your futures bet was placed a year ago, you can still find great odds.

Let’s take the 2019 FIBA World Cup for an example.

The USA was heavily favored to win FIBA World Cup before the tournament began in August 2019. This was a substantial amount, which means that the USA was almost certain to win the tournament. We know this because it happened before. Argentina and Spain were both in the final. Argentina had +6500 odds of winning the FIBA World Cup.

What does this mean? Those who had placed bets on Spain were likely very satisfied with the outcome. A $100 futures wager on Spain netted $1400, plus the initial stake. Bettors who placed more money had an obvious advantage when the final buzzer rang.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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