WWE Betting Odds & Lines [2021]

No one can disregard the fact that people get really pumped up once WWE is mentioned, and somehow, everyone is ready to rumble! While most people watch it for fun’s sake, there are others who would like to put their luck on a test by betting their wagers on this famous wrestling sport. Just like The Undertaker with his famous comeback, WWE reaches higher peaks more and more every season, and it leaves everyone speechless.

WWE is a professional corporation and as everyone already knows, it’s based in the United States. From 1980 until this very day, it has been the major wrestling entertainment offer worldwide. After it became famous domestically, the ‘WWE mania’ for pro wrestling continued to grow its popularity overseas, and has leveled up to such great heights, now that everyone knows it’s a big deal!

There are 4 major pay-per-view services that include the WWE, and with these, you can set your wagers and earn some money while betting at a sportsbooks site. As known, a pay-per-view is a TV program that acquires payment in return for granting access to certain events through privatized broadcast.

Nowadays, as every sport has a sports section to bet on, whether it’s through online betting sites or wagering at certain sportsbooks, the World Wrestling Federation is no exception.

A sportsbook will work up a sweat just to go through and choose a line-up, because if not done properly, the balance of the wins and losses will be off. A shining example of this would be the popular NBA, the NFL, and almost all of the other sports you can probably think of!

However, this isn’t the case when you wager money at a WWE match, though.

You should remember that, when you wager bets in pro wrestling, every odds format and betting markets are quite different from one betting site to another.

The primary 4 WWE events are seasonally transmitted. In January, there’s the Royal Rumble, next comes the WrestleMania at the beginning of spring, in March and April. Following thereafter, the SummerSlam takes place in August, and last but not least is the Survivor Series that broadcasts in November.

Gimmick matches are portrayed every now and then, and you can be sure that the WWE savagery is wholeheartedly represented. For instance, the moment when the behemoth Brock Lesnar annihilated the WWE champion John Cena in 2014’s massive summer pay-per-view!

To find out about what betting lines exist, and what types of sports betting co-occurs with WWE matches, just carry on reading the review.

Why WWE Betting Is Great

First, to set things clear, WWE matches are absolutely special and so are their sportsbook bets. That’s because of the precise sport’s rules imposed by the World Wrestling Entertainment for your WWE betting. Second, all of us know the wrestling match that you’re betting on is most certainly scripted, and the winner is determined even before the match starts.

Although, when betting money, you can still win a lot out of the whole outcome of WWE fights, not just on the matches’ end result. Often, the bets you make on a match are limited, but either way, there’s quite a decent amount of money you’ll grab.

Sometimes, you don’t have to walk to sportsbooks near you. You’ll come across an online casino site and its sports betting section where you can wager your money, all from the comfort of your home.

WWE Betting Odds: How They Work

As previously stated, customers wager money on a site for WWE betting on many things, and not just on a particular wrestler that is predicted to win the match, or the whole event. While we’re at the events, the Royal Rumble is, in fact, the most famous one, and therefore it has odds standing at 100/1 for betting, and without any doubt, rates the highest.

WWE odds depend mostly on the number of wrestlers that are in the ring. 1 on 1 is the most common scenario, but don’t let that fool you. There are also tag battles, 3 on 3 matches, 5 on 5 matches, and even a massive 10 on 10 brawls. Since the WWE writers conduct the matches, there will be plenty of new WWE odds and betting lines on sports betting sites.

Some of the WWE bets are placed on events regarding wrestling matches that circulate through WWE betting sites, that deal with who will be the upcoming title winner. There are WWE odds that are not about the whole wrestling event but are with reference to wagers made on a particular match that hasn’t been yet announced. You’ll have to make a wild guess as to who’s seeing each other eye-to-eye beforehand.

Also, you can bet on which wrestler will be the first one to get removed, or how long the wrestlers stay in the ring before their elimination. WWE betting sites and sportsbooks can provide wrestling betting wagers on more than 40 male and female wrestlers.

Sportsbooks offer many types of WWE bets to wager upon. To see the precise betting options these professional wrestling matches offer, continue reading the next section.

Types of WWE Bets Offered

When you’re betting on WWE betting sites, you should always know what they have in store. Luckily, betting odds and their types are really simple and straight up to the point, so a sportsbook or a WWE betting site is highly unlikely to confuse you. One of these odds is the typical straight betting where you can choose the wrestler who will take the win home.

The World Wrestling Entertainment has a really keen sense of how to adjust its odds. There’s an abundance of presented ways for betting your money, and every old and new customer can engage in a fully enjoyable venture into an online sportsbook or sports betting site. In regard to the online sportsbooks, here’s a list of some types of prop bets that are frequent and high up in popularity.

Just a reminder that while WWE odds can rapidly change, some even don’t show up ever again, and you won’t get another chance to wager your money on them.

  • First-Time Winner
  • Longest Ring Time
  • First To Appear
  • Appearance Bets
  • Bout Outcome Bets
  • Elimination Bets

First-Time Winner

If perchance, a winner of a particular event from WWE fights hasn’t won before, then the First-Time Winner betting odds come into place. For instance, in 2004 the ever-so-famous WWE Champion John Cena won his first match at the WrestleMania event. So, if you’ve carefully thought out a specific WWE wrestler, you should go and visit one of the sportsbooks or a WWE gambling site.

Players are advised to optimize this type of betting to the fullest by simply making a slight money wager on all of the WWE wrestlers for a win possibility.

Longest Ring Time

It’s one of the more straightforward odds available for WWE betting. As the name suggests, the money you wager is on a wrestler that you’re certain will be in the ring for the longest. Practically, WWE betting is tailored for customers which have superb guessing abilities.

Lots of wagers on short fights will be made unintentionally, which results in a lower probability of winning on sports betting sites.

So, you would rather not opt to visit sports betting markets to wager your money on these kinds of betting options.

First To Appear

WWE sports betting sites have yet again made one of those easy-to-win odds. Needless to say, Lady Luck has to be somewhere around you. This bet is also undemanding and simple. At a gambling site or a sports betting site, you will have the possibility to bet on which wrestler will make the first grand entrance on the show’s earliest match.

Interestingly enough, WWE betting sites now offer you to wager your money on something other than making a self-assessed guess on which wrestler will take the path to victory.

Appearance Bets

These types of WWE odds are made specifically for a bet on what kind of a person, or which particular individual will make an entrance. An appearance bet incorporates woman wrestlers, for example, Charlotte Flair, wrestlers in retirement, any political representatives, or sometimes even UFC fighters.

This type of betting in WWE is really fascinating and it does in fact live up to the reputation of wrestling entertainment.

Bout Outcome Bets

It was (a)bout time to mention this type. This particular bet lets you make wagers on how wrestlers may win, using their signature moves. For instance, people can place a bet on which wrestler they think would get disqualified.

People can even bet on one of Seth Rollins’s famous finishing moves, The Curb Stomp! Nonetheless, the betting you choose to make at betting sites, for any match, is purely your own!

Elimination Bets

Professional wrestling goes hand in hand with a lot of eliminations. And this type of sports betting is one of the bettor’s favorites that’s been noted by sportsbooks. Since this type of bet can only be accomplished when there is more than one wrestler, you’ll be wagering on how many wrestlers will be eliminated by your betting pick.

Your betting is not solely for one match and the wrestler you choose doesn’t have to win anything. So, to receive a prize, a chosen wrestler must have the highest amount of eliminations. Furthermore, to place a wager on a WWE betting site, you should wait for the Royal Rumble, since it’s a multiple-person betting event.

How To Bet On WWE

You couldn’t be more wrong if you assume that because it’s scripted and staged, you can’t receive a prize when betting on World Wrestling Entertainment betting sites. WWE betting will absolutely get you some great amounts of wins when you bet on the most popular professional wrestling sports entertainment out there.

A creative mind will grab the most benefits and prizes when placing a bet with World Wrestling Entertainment. Naturally, when you make a WWE bet, the WWE odds are going to be up in the air. But this happens to each sports betting, on every distinctive sport that offers odds – it’s part of the game.

WWE betting has become a pinnacle for modern bettors. If doing an online betting search, the WWE betting site will surely show itself ever so often. Additionally, WWE is considered one of the major sports for depositing your wagers. There aren’t any more prominent wrestling sports than the WWE, so, having that in mind, placing a bet with the WWE is probably your best course of action.

While you revel in your thoughts and do some careful calculation about which handful of the many participants can get you a WWE betting win, there are certain criteria you should keep an eye on. Simply put, select few who are the most popular participants at the moment, doing so from the perspective of the crowd and the bettors themselves. This will opt for WWE to propel them at higher rankings, whether they like it or not.

At times, this little trick won’t work, and WWE will just do as they please and propel participants that are not so likable by the audience. Nonetheless, the most certain way to bet on someone is, of course, to see how physically fit and gifted the wrestler is. Betting on the most fearless giant (someone like Brock Lesnar) is your best option.

Last but certainly not least, choosing the right and best WWE betting sites that offer a sports section is the way to go! Why get off your couch and roam the streets when you can create an account for a casino and deposit your wagers. Without a doubt, the easiest and most practical choice is the aforementioned one, and a WWE sports site that offers some free bets.

About the notion on how to choose the best WWE betting sites with the most lucrative WWE odds, you should check out the segment below.

Where To Bet On WWE Pay Per View: Best WWE Betting Sites

Where to bet on a WWE pay-per-view is not the toughest choice there is, simply because there are numerous WWE betting sites. Unquestionably, the hardest part is to choose top WWE betting sites, single out the rest, and proceed to place your WWE betting through a betting site that provides some excellent WWE odds.

Rarely you will stumble upon WWE sports sections in a casino that doesn’t require you to make an account to start your WWE betting. Most of the time, you will be asked to provide personal information and register on the WWE betting site.

Usually, you will miss out on the so-called prop bets on WWE betting sites that implement a feature stating that in what way the participant achieved his win. Although, there might be a WWE betting site that’s hidden among the top-ranked WWE betting sites that present these kinds of wagers.

Namely, who will achieve the highest number of eliminated participants in the ring at the Royal Rumble is one of those features that a casino with a sports section should offer.

Because we don’t want you to stress out, we carefully picked out recommended WWE betting sites for you to easily deposit your wagers. And not just any mere recommended WWE betting sites! Only the carefully picked out, leading, high-quality, and top WWE betting sites!

The Big WWE Events

As previously stated, the WWE ‘big 4’ consists of Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series. But there are additional big WWE events that circulate as either commentary of matches, professional wrestling tournaments, or amateur participants who are geared-up and stoked to show their skills in the ring.

Respectively in order, these big WWE events are Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. A brief analysis for each of these WWE events follows, so sit down just a bit more, because you won’t want to miss the tips and tricks that come after the evaluation.

Monday Night Raw

This massive show is also known as WWE Raw and is most certainly popular for all wrestling fans because it launched way back on the 11th of January, 1993. As the name suggests, it is broadcasted live every Monday at 8 pm, Eastern Time Zone.

Probably everyone will agree that it’s one of the highlight shows of WWE, and how can it not be when really well-known names are featured. Experts and famous wrestlers alike, delve into particular characteristics of current WWE happenings and the way its members execute their work while paying a tribute to the audience.

Unfortunately, the WWE network relocated all of the material to Peacock TV from April 5, 2021, and doesn’t operate in the United States anymore.


Now, this is a sight to behold! As with the Monday Night Raw, the Smackdown TV program is also a WWE highlight that’s also known as Friday Night Smackdown. Its debut was on the 29th of April, 1999, and along with the former show, it airs at 8 pm, Eastern Time, only this one is broadcasted on a Friday.

Just don’t confuse the two because, although they have a similar name and time frame, this WWE show is a wrestling tournament. Not just any particular tournament, but a grand-scale one where worldly renowned wrestlers fight it out and only one winner emerges to grab ahold a mouth-watering title!

This show had its ups and downs, airing from one place to another and even moving the scheduled show on Thursdays. Luckily, when they came back to FOX on the 4th of October, 2019, they also returned the schedule to Friday. It wouldn’t be a Friday Night Smackdown if it wasn’t broadcasted on a Friday, right?


The NXT brand is a popular wrestling promotion by WWE. It was initiated on the 23rd of February, 2010 and for its two starting years, it was considered a kind of reality TV broadcast. Non-professional participants took part in a WWE competition, and the results were great as the participants obtained a chance to become a WWE Super Star.

For just those glorious 2 years, in 2012 they switched the FCW with NXT, and that earned a spot with the main agendas. Namely, it was considered to be on par with the Friday Night Smackdown and the WWE Raw.

Currently, NXT is considered to be their main brand. Although some people refer to it as still ‘experimental’ and they don’t list it alongside the Smackdown and the WWE Raw even though it rightfully belongs there.

WWE Betting Tips and Strategy Advice

All said and done, it’s time to part from this review. But not without a well-deserved present of WWE betting tips and advice, specifically tailored to you and the dearest attention that we received from you!

#1 Betting Tip

If you’ve thoroughly read this review, you ought to know that the best WWE betting occasion is the Royal Rumble. Don’t worry if you’ve missed it, you can still catch up on it here. The tip is that its odds are the best, which stand at 100/1. In addition, you should check different WWE sports sites that you can bet on, as they might even surprise you with something extra!

#1 Betting Tip

Play for something you know that has bigger chances of providing you with some scrumptious prizes. For instance, you’re advised to stay away from the Longest Ring Time bets, as they tend to be more on the scripted side.

You’re now gonna say that all of it is scripted. Yes, it is, but when guessing is given more prominence, it changes to a no-no. Most of the time you’ll go for the strongest and most muscular participant to last the longest. But remember that one time, Rey Mysterio still came out on top even though there were bulkier participants. Although he hasn’t made an appearance at WrestleMania, though.

#1 Betting Tip

Lastly, if you know a bunch of finishers and have watched the participants’ moves thoroughly, the best bet you can make is for the Bout Outcome. This betting option will increase your chances of victory on a WWE betting site exponentially because there aren’t that many finishing moves that participants have up their sleeves.

Also, the Elimination Bets have to be mentioned because you can cut the list of participants in half and your chances increase drastically.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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