Hockey World Cup Odds, Picks & Betting Lines

After 4 years, the Hockey World Cup returned in September 2016. It featured the 6 big teams (USA, Russia, Sweden and Finland), as well as two new All-Star teams, the Under-23 North American team, and the European team. The 2020 Hockey World Cup betting lines will be available to bet on and follow. Can these two teams take on the top hockey players in the world? In 2021, find out!

Hockey World Cup Games Odds

Here are the odds on every Hockey World Cup game – all linked to top Canadian sportsbooks. There is a 12-year gap between tournaments so expect some movement and mystery. Make sure you check back often.

Bet on Hockey World Cup Games

In world cup competitions, the qualifying team is usually a country and not an all-star roster chosen by coaches and experts. This makes the Hockey World Cup fascinating. The Cup was only won twice, once in 1996 and again 2004. Eight years later, Canada won the Cup. The United States won it’s first Cup. The field also includes the four hockey powerhouses Russia, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

The event has been only held twice, with the 12 year gap between the Cup and this year’s event, so it is not possible to compare teams to this team. The players of the North American under-23 team will have been between 6 to 11 in 2004. Germany and Slovakia, the two countries that were replaced in Cup play will be providing their top players along with other European nations for Team Europe.

The Winter Olympics and IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships are worth your time. Although each competition is different, they offer the most competitive rosters. Canada, which won the 2016 IIHF Championship and the 2014 Olympic Gold, is rarely considered an underdog in international hockey. This is especially true when they are playing at home.

It will be interesting to see if Canada, the 2016 host nation and favourite, can play without the top young Canadian talent as they are under-23 players. While the Cup will not cause any significant harm to the team, it will add another level of intrigue that bettors can and should expect. The USA team won the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, their first ever.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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