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Postepay, a digital payment system that uses rechargeable pre-paid debit card and is only available to Italian residents, is called Postepay. Postepay was developed by the Italian Postal Service and is intended to offer customers in Italy an easy way to pay online for various services or make purchases online.

Postepay is not very popular and only available to Italy-based customers, but it does offer many benefits to those who can access it. Poste Italiane customers, also known as the national Postal Service receive virtual or pre-paid Visa Electron, MasterCard or plastic cards upon signing up. They can shop online, pay bills online, and top up their accounts at the online casinos they prefer.

Postepay is being accepted by increasing numbers of online gambling sites. It can be used to make deposits and withdraw winnings from over 30 online casinos. It is possible to use it in many other casinos, even though the service is still relatively new. Postepay could work in this instance as Visa Electron or Visa Visa.

Postepay, an Italy-based payment system, offers high levels security because users don’t reveal personal or financial information online.

How Postepay works

Postepay, a Visa/MasterCard prepaid card service offered by the Italian Poste Italiane. It is not like other pre-paid cards. Cards are issued directly from the Post Office.

There are many types of Postepay cards: digital and plastic. All can be loaded with funds at the nearest ATM or post office. You can also recharge your Postepay card using SISAL kiosks and mobile SIM cards (PosteMobile SIM Cards), which can be synced with you Postepay account.

Postepay cards are accepted at hundreds of merchant shops and POS terminals throughout Italy and abroad. Even though there is no Postepay sign, they are accepted everywhere Visa and Visa Electron are accepted. The Postepay digital card works in many cases on websites and online casinos that accept MasterCard.

Postepay users in Italy have the advantage of being able to withdraw cash from ATMs with their cards.

Postepay Application

You don’t need to link your bank account in order to sign up for the Postepay Pre-paid Card Service. To apply for an account, you will need to show your ID and the Italian tax identification number to a Postepay official site.

The plastic Postepay card can be purchased for EUR5 and activated on the website. Each user can have up to three digital Postepay cards and the issue of digital cards is completely free.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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