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SEPA Betting Sites

However, Canada is not included in the list of countries that have SEPA agreements. Therefore, there aren’t many Canadian gambling sites that accept SEPA.

This may not be of much use to Canadians who live in Canada.

Canada Sports Betting does not recommend any sites that accept SEPA deposits from Canadians. You will have more options if you decide to travel to Europe and open a bank account.

Unfortunately, you will not have many options for casinos that accept SEPA deposits until then.

SEPA Transaction Fees

SEPA transactions are made in Euros. Any other currency that you may have will have to be converted for Euros first, which will invariably incur a fee.

If you’re in Europe and have a European bank account, you can transfer Euros to your account. Transactions are free and quick for those who live in countries that have SEPA.

These types of transactions will be charged at different rates by SEPA casinos. These fees will likely be comparable to bank deposit fees. This is important to remember if you are ever planning to move to Europe.

SEPA Transactions Are Convenient

SEPA transactions are one of the most popular ways to send money in Europe. It is not hard to understand why.

SEPA allows individuals to send money directly to each other through the bank system, unlike in countries like the United States. There are no fees or third-party apps, and there is no extra memory.

You only need the routing number and the bank account number for the recipient. Simply click on Transfer from your online bank account and enter the information. You will be able quickly to send money across continents.

It would be so easy to send money between any one of the 36 countries.

This system requires both a European-based account as well as a European-based recipient. Many betting sites that accept SEPA deposit options have European-based bank accounts. However, this account must also be in place for the sender.

SEPA betting on an app

Only recommend sites that offer great mobile gambling experience. If you find a site that you like on our site, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Simply open the browser from your smartphone or tablet. Simply load our site and then click through to your favorite betting site. Log in or sign up, and you’re good to go. Both desktop and mobile versions of the login credentials work in the same way.

SEPA and the partners do not require additional apps to be downloaded. Your phone will not take up any memory and your home screen won’t be cluttered.

Many European banks allow you to send money through SEPA by using their transaction feature. Only need to know the routing number and the account number of the recipient you wish to send money to.

Additional apps are not required.

SEPA Welcome Bonuses

There are a few reasons we all get involved in this. We love excitement and love to win!

We love receiving welcome bonuses because of this! We feel both of these feelings immediately when we receive our welcome bonuses.

We all want to know which deposit method we can use to receive our welcome bonus.

All of our recommended sites offer welcome bonuses. They are usually awarded based on your first deposit and typically range between 50-100%.

This can be used across all deposit methods. SEPA is not an exception. It is not easy for Canadians to access SEPA, but they can do so while they are still in Canada.

Anyone with a Euro-connection will be happy to know that SEPA does not bar you from receiving any welcome bonuses.

SEPA betting sites don’t offer SEPA-specific welcome bonus offers. You will be treated as you would with all other deposit methods. You will be treated the same as any other deposit method.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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