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Vanilla is a prepaid card that can be used as a Mastercard, Visa or other credit card depending on the country from which it was purchased. These cards are used to give gift cards and as a budgeting tool by people just starting out or those with better finances. They are also a great way to deposit at almost all online casino sites.

Vanilla cards can not be purchased online but they are sold at thousands of locations across Canada. They can be used online to make purchases, or at your local retailer, once they have been purchased and refilled. Online casinos in Canada accept Visa or Mastercard.

This is the Vanilla Prepaid card.

This debit card can be used as Visa or MasterCard. It is a useful and functional payment option for online casinos. The Prepaid feature of the card is extremely useful to players as it allows them spend online casino while still staying within their budget. They cannot exceed the initial deposit into Vanilla Prepaid accounts.

You can obtain a Vanilla Prepaid debit card by simply finding an online casino that allows you to make payment deposits using these cards. These cards can be purchased at many retail outlets and at most of the top-rated shops like Walmart, Shell, and 7-Eleven.

Simply take your Vanilla Prepaid card to the cashier. They will activate it and make as many deposits as you can. This simple process will allow you to create a functional and practical debit account that you can use to deposit your funds at any Casino you choose, provided they accept Vanilla Visa Card payments.

This payment method cannot be reloaded. To continue playing online casino games with Vanilla Debit Card, you must purchase a new card once your initial deposit has run out. This method of payment is very useful for players who worry about going broke due to overspending. However, there are some drawbacks.

About Vanilla

Vanilla, a prepaid card from MasterCard, a giant global financial institution behind many convenient and effective payment options, is based in Vancouver. It allows Canadians to make online and offline transactions. They can choose the type, denomination, and design of their card.

This prepaid card was licensed by Peoples Trust, with MasterCard watching its back. It gained national recognition and users started to use it in their daily lives. The company became a partner with VISA and you now have Vanilla VISA Prepaid Cards. This move saw it gain popularity in the country, and users felt 100% confident that transactions would be safe with VISA and MasterCard being behind them.

The prepaid card can be purchased anywhere in the country, even though it is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It can be purchased at local outlets. These are usually locations along the route to work, school, or favorite restaurant. Shell, Walmarts and Pharmasave are just a few of the options. These are your local convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies. This is why the prepaid cards is so easy to get. The best thing about the prepaid card is that you can order it online if you are interested.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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