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It is important that you understand that eNETS can be implemented almost completely transparently by the casino. There is a good chance you won’t realize that eNETS is available when you make a deposit at an online casino. This system makes it much easier and safer to add funds to an account using a bank transfer or credit/debit card.

This payment service processed almost one million transactions per day when eNETS was first introduced in 1985. eNETS has been able to offer flexible deposit options and a variety of innovative payment solutions since its inception. Customers are the priority at eNETS. The payment solution has been a success thanks to two decades of experience and dedication. eNETS was recognized by many Singaporeans, including those who have an account with one of the Netent Companies.

How do you make payments with eNETS

Paying online from an online casino is easy. Simply select the payment section and then look for the eNETS option. This page will show the bank from which payment must be made. It will redirect you (the payer), to your bank account.

You can now use the same internet bank transfer process as for your bank transactions. Complete the required steps and confirm that the payment has been redirected to merchant’s website. To complete the transfer, both you and your recipient will be issued a receipt.

Benefits of using the eNETS

A few reasons could explain why a Singaporean client chooses this online banking option as their primary one. The benefits include a safe and secure payment option. All personal information about players remains anonymous. Online casino accounts can instantly access funds deposited with eNETS.

This payment service is quick and simple to use, and the transfer can be made directly. You can also make payments using your mobile device, from anywhere and at any time.

Netent Casinos can accept online payments via eNETS Direct Deposit. To reduce the risk of fraud, eNETS requires that you authenticate yourself with your Internet Banking UserID, PIN, and token.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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