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PurplePay is an innovative payment method for online casino. It is used mainly by Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand casino players. It is the fastest and most convenient payment method. There are only a few PurplePay casinos. We will show you how to deposit at your favorite online casino using PurplePay.

What is PurplePay?

PurplePay is an online coupon that most Canadian and Australian players are familiar with. PurplePay prepaid vouchers can be purchased in certain areas, like Australia, from local shops and secure online distributors. It works in the same way as a prepaid visa card.

PurplePay vouchers can also be purchased through online casinos’ payment section. This payment option is popular with Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand players. It doesn’t require an account. You can use the link at the cashier to make the payment.

PurplePay: Where can I buy it?

You don’t need to have the PurplePay app or site in order to use a PurplePay coupon. Instead, you’ll be presented with a PurplePay Link in the casino’s Cashier. Select it from the Payment Methods section and confirm your purchase using your PurplePay credit card.

How to use PurplePay in an online casino

PurplePay is just as easy to use at an online casino as a credit card such as Visa or Mastercard. This guide will walk you through how to use PurplePay online casinos. For example, 888 Casino. You can buy a PurplePay coupon separately or you can use your credit card through the cashier at an online casino.


  • Very Secure: One advantage with PurplePay is that it is extra secure. The online casino (or anyone else) can never get your credit card details, so even if it is hacked nobody can get your personal details.
  • Very fast: PurplePay deposits are just as fast as credit card deposits. In fact, there is really only one more step, since you will have to verify your payment through the PurplePay website, instead of the online casino.
  • No Fees: PurplePay does not charge any fees, giving it a clear advantage over e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill.
  • Privacy guaranteed: When paying through PurplePay, you can be sure that no casino deposits will show up on your bank statement, making it harder for anyone to track your online behaviour.


  • No Withdrawals: PurplePay is an online voucher. You cannot use it to withdraw or store funds. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you will need to choose another payment method, such as e-wallet or bank wire transfer.
  • One time use: While certain vouchers let you use the funds gradually, you will need to use all your funds for a single deposit.
  • Not accepted everywhere: While PurplePay is a secure payment method, there are still few casinos that accept it. With that said, we believe there will be many more PurplePay casinos in the near future.
  • Requires a credit card to purchase: If you want to buy a PurplePay voucher online, you will need to have access to a credit card or e-wallet.
Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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