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Some Canadian banks won’t process international casino deposits directly. We can’t possibly cover all Canadian banks and credit unions, but we can help you understand how the banking system works with the “big five” financial institutions.

Since 2009, online gambling has been a province or territory matter. Therefore, there are no federal laws that prohibit players from playing or visiting offshore casinos. However, none of the territories or provinces have passed any laws that would prevent citizens from playing and depositing internationally. One of the major banks won’t process payments to or from the casinos of Provincial Lottery Corp – this bank is the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank).

Canada’s Favorite Credit Card Casinos

Different types of cards


Visa is the largest and most successful credit card company in the world. They are therefore a great choice for anyone looking to get a debit or credit card. Visa is the most preferred payment method for online gamblers. Virtually all online casinos offer it. It is very easy to make a Visa deposit on a casino site. Not all online casinos accept debit cards.


MasterCard is Visa’s biggest competitor. It is the second largest credit card company in the world. MasterCard is a trusted brand that many players choose to trust. MasterCard is accepted by most online casinos as a method of payment.

Diner’s Club

Diner’s Club credit card is internationally recognized. Their main draw is the perks and benefits they offer to members. Online casinos accept Diner’s Club Cards. Some casinos offer cardholders special benefits.

Prepaid Credit Cards:

There are many credit card companies that offer prepaid debit and credit cards. These cards are similar to regular bank cards, except that they can be loaded with a predetermined sum of money. They also have an anonymous function similar to gift vouchers. These prepaid cards are accepted by most credit and debit card-accepting casinos. They are discreet and can be used online to make payments. Prepaid cards are safe and allow for responsible gaming. You can only spend the amount that was charged to your card.

Online casinos: Why should you use Credit Cards?

Credit cards have been around since over 60 years. They are one of the most common methods to make online payments. A credit card has the obvious advantage of allowing players to spend money they don’t have. However, the limit can not exceed the cardholder’s limits. The main reason that so many people use credit card for online gambling is because they can transfer funds to their accounts instead of real money. Serious players have the advantage of being able to spend more than they have. If you feel that you are reaching your limit, it is usually quick and simple to increase it.

Online payment is possible because credit cards are so well-known. Transaction times can be quick depending on which credit card you have. Funds are often processed quicker than other methods. Sometimes funds can be processed in a matter of minutes.

Online purchases made with a creditcard are usually extremely secure, especially if you use a trusted bank brand credit card. The cardholder must ensure that they only play on accredited and registered casino sites. Cardholder financial and personal information are protected by security measures that are continuously being updated.

Last Updated on November 17, 2021

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