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It is important that you have a calm mindset before you begin your journey to create the perfect Fantasy Football draft for 2021. It is not a good idea to go into the draft room feeling anxious about what to do, regardless of whether you are participating in one or more leagues. As the draft progresses, you will need to be prepared and well-informed. We are ready to help you prepare for the next season. We will provide positional primers, strategy articles and essential lists for sleepers and breakout players in the coming weeks. You can start by reviewing our 2021 Fantasy Football Primer (link is to season article number two here), then you will be able to absorb the following recommendations to make sure you are ready for draft day.

Fantasy Football Training Camp is Now Open

Your Fantasy Football training camp begins now, even though the Seahawks will open their 2021 training camp July 27th. You can get Seahawks Fantasy Insider updates and player outlooks, but you must start drafting “reps.” You can join mock drafts at and we recommend that you also participate in Best Ball Drafts which are available on most Fantasy Football league management platforms and gaming platforms. Because drafts really count, you will be able to use your competitive draft skills.

Be ready to follow the flow

Don’t try to predict what will happen in your draft before it happens. Because there will be 10-14 different approaches and thought processes in each draft room, Fantasy Football drafts cannot be identical.

Do not be a homer

This is an old rule that you may have heard before. However, sometimes it can be difficult to follow. Blue and Green cannot be combined in Fantasy Football drafts.

Be ready to run with RBs

Running backs are in high demand every year in Fantasy Football. According to the Average Draft Position Reports, running backs have been the top eight picks in drafts. In the first two rounds, you may see 14-15 running backs leave the board for a 12-team league draft.

Draft Day is important but it’s just the beginning

While the draft is the most important part of the season for roster construction, your team will also change throughout the year. Your roster will change throughout the year due to trades, injuries, and waiver additions and deletions.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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