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You can feel as though you are right there watching the big fights. It can also make prelims more exciting. You can make decent money if you know what you are doing and don’t just pick fighters randomly. There will always be the unexpected, such as an early stoppage by the ref or judges making mistakes (Not surprising …),) Fantasy MMA works differently to traditional MMA betting sites.

Strategy and Tips for Daily Fantasy MAA Contests

It will take you a while to get comfortable with pricing and scoring fighters. You will have to face a few underdogs. You’ll almost always have to fight one of the lowest-priced fighters if you spend money on a star fighter.

Choose fighters who finish fights.

Finishers are the best because you get a +100 bonus for winning the first round. You might not see many fights that offer a good chance of an early stoppage on some fight cards, but you don’t have to worry if you aren’t able to finish a fight.

Choose dominant, aggressive wrestlers.

An active striker who can land takedowns and other strikes has the potential to score as many points as a fighter who wins in the first round. A fighter who can beat up on his opponent for three rounds could be as valuable as one that wins an early round win.

Choose tough fighters, fighters who can win the fight.

You should be aware of a few key points when you are looking for cheap value plays. First, don’t take a fighter you think will lose. Although you don’t mind losing your money on punts, they must last at least the entire fight.

You want them to score as many points possible by landing strikes, takedowns and other maneuvers. They won’t score much points if they are stopped in the first round, but they might rack up 50+ points if they continue to fight.

Choose the 5-round fighters.

Make sure to check if any fights are five rounds. A fight that lasts 5 rounds is more likely to result in both fighters scoring a respectable score, regardless of what the outcome. It can be profitable to stack two fighters in a 5-round fight.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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