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We have good news for you if you are interested in playing fantasy baseball for real cash but don’t like being tied to your computer. Fantasy baseball betting sites can be accessed on both your smartphone and tablet.

No matter what platform you’re using, you can play at top fantasy sports sites in-browser and via a dedicated app. It’s a great way to track your points as you watch the game. You can use your smartphone or tablet to do this.

Five tips to win your fantasy baseball draft

Early warning is key to limiting your risk

Overreacting to previous seasons’ results is the biggest risk every season on draft day. While everyone wants the best player in baseball with their first pick of the season, there is something to be said about consistency at the top.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with unseen production. Play it safe with your early picks even if it seems boring.

Keep your sights on the top

Many roster managers, however, play too safe in drafts late and try to fill positions and/or target production from past seasons.

Late-round picks should be your priority. Even if they are no longer needed, they can be traded for trade bait or, even better, you could trade one of the bigger names you drafted earlier in the draft.

Diversify by combining positional eligibility

Draft day is a time when positional eligibility is often overlooked. You can slot players at multiple positions into your lineup to cover injuries or to fill in for missing players on lighter days.

Multi-position players are also a good option for trade if other managers need to replace unproductive players or lose their players.

Preseason injuries are nothing to be afraid of

Too many fantasy roster managers make a mistake and scratch injured players from their roster. You can get stars at discounted prices early on, and you can take advantage of the MLB injured list to help you climb the standings.

Production is at its lowest point in the season. Do not fret about missing at-bats in April or May from a player who you know will be a top producer by July and August.

Know your league mates

Although it is not possible to know the preferences and biases in real life, you can get great value from your colleagues and friends on draft day.

You can let the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox fans reach out to their favorite players, while you go in and grab the most valuable player from the National League. You can also poach your favorite players and demand a premium for a trade after the draft.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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