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Daily Fantasy Sports is hugely favored in the US and worldwide because it allows sports fans to win large amounts of money by knowing a particular sport. Although football, basketball, and baseball dominated the Daily Fantasy Sports scene for years, fantasy soccer betting is growing in popularity. Fantasy soccer betting is a great option for those who are familiar with soccer.

Here’s a quick overview of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). DraftKings is a fantasy soccer site that lists hundreds of soccer players and assigns them a salary or value. Pick a predetermined amount of these players. The pitch performance of the players will determine how many points you receive.

Points can be earned for many actions on the pitch, such as goals scored, assists, shots on target, clean sheets and tackles won. However, points are removed for fouls and conceding goals, yellow or red card receiving, and missing penalties.

Best Online Fantasy Soccer Leagues

DraftKings has the best online fantasy soccer games. DraftKings offers soccer on the MLS, English Premier League, and UEFA Champions League.

Players in fantasy soccer are required to choose a team of eight players from at least three teams and with a combined salary less than $50,000. Two goalkeepers, two defenders and two midfielders are required. You also need to choose a utility player (any other than a goalkeeper).

Players in your team get points for their performance in a set or multiple games. This is why the daily fantasy soccer name was created.

DraftKings hosts dozens of contests each week. These contests can be played for free and are great for battling with friends and family to win bragging rights and to learn the intricacies of daily fantasy soccer before you move onto real-money contests.

There are three contests: the Striker is a $3 entry, the Golden Boot is $27, and Top Corner costs $300. These contests can be run in five-man or 10-man teams, or in tournaments where thousands of people compete to pick teams. The goal is to score points and win a large cash prize.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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