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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a rich history that includes multiple appearances in the East and West. Grey Cups are the one thing missing from their history. Although they do have ten of them, they have not reached the Promised Land since 1990. This is the longest streak of teams that have not won a championship.

Last season, the Blue Bombers went 1-4 when Matt Nichols was in charge. Although Nichols was not a star, he helped to right the ship and led the team’s way to a 10-3 record. The Bombers made some smart moves in the offseason. They picked up T.J. Heath as well as the No. The Bombers drafted the No. 1 overall pick in Toronto’s CFL Draft.

It is important to replicate the success of the defense. The Bombers had an incredible +29 turnover margin and 13 more interceptions than any other team in the CFL. There is no chance of this happening again since turnovers are often a result of luck and skill. The majority of this unit has returned, but there will be a drop in production.

Nichols will need to pick up the pieces from there. Although he wasn’t the starter last year, he will have to be statistically more productive and challenge the 5,000-yard mark for the passer.

Blue Bombers fans from the past will remember the 1950s glory years as the greatest team they ever had. They lost only one season in the 50s and made it to the WIFU Final that year. The Bombers won four Grey Cups from 1958 to 1962. However, most people will recall the 1960 season. This was Winnipeg’s most successful regular season team at 14-2. Edmonton, however, won the West Final by one point.

There hasn’t been much to be proud of since then. Winnipeg has only 26 postseason victories since 1963 and has not won a playoff match since 2011, when it was defeated in the Grey Cup.

In 2016, the Blue Bombers posted 11 wins, their best regular season performance since 2002. They have the longest active streak in CFL history without winning a Grey Cup, which is 26 seasons.

Last Updated on October 21, 2021

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