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Ontario is Canada’s largest province and home to more than one-third the Canadian population. Residents have access the OLG Pro Line sports betting platform. Provincial government-controlled, with a fairly heavy hand, this wagering system has several quirks within the Pro-Line, Props, Point-Spread and Pools options. While there are many better options, let’s look at this outdated form of entertainment and sports gambling.

Gaming and Lottery in Ontario

Surprisingly, Ontario bettors do not have access to an “local” online source for sports betting due to the high-tech nature The Heartland Province. The OLG Pro-Line system can only be accessed at the various lottery kiosks located throughout the province. For a better betting experience, Ontario residents have the option to go online and follow sportsbooks.

Canada Sports Betting Crew takes pride in calling a spade what it is. We give recommendations to bookmakers that deliver high quality products. Those who don’t receive these recommendations are either reprimanded or removed from our system. We are primarily focused on Ontario and the Great White North so we felt it was fair to inform Ontario handicappers about the trials and tribulations they can expect from the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation controlled Pro Line wagering platform. The above listed sportsbooks offer high-quality online sports betting.

OLG Proline Review

Caveman-style, the OLG Pro Line betting system in its current format uses an old pencil and paper ticket selection process. All wagers must be placed at a lottery retail location. The game lists and ticket selections are online. It’s still being used by Las Vegas’ sportsbooks. Your local gas station may not have the same appeal as the top betting shops in Sin City. We’ve provided a list of Pro-Line options, but we want to warn Ontario bettors about the following pitfalls.

OLG Proline Odds

We hear the phrase “something is better that nothing” a lot when it comes to Canada’s sports lottery systems. Although this is true to a certain extent, we wouldn’t choose sports betting if it were up to us. Although it is difficult to determine which system is better, OLG or WCLC; we think OLG Pro-Line has a slight advantage in this highly competitive race, as they offer five odds for each game. This unfair restriction is only in Ontario, which encourages desperate gamblers. The OLG still requires at least three wagers per ticket.

NFL bets are an exception to this rule. In addition to the three-game limit, bettors must choose whether the Home and Visitor wins by at least eight points. They can also choose whether they win by four points or more. A TIE means that the game must be decided by a minimum of three points. This cannot be considered fair in any way. The classic example of how the five odds system benefits the house was Week 12. The spread of three points meant that bettors must select a TIE for their Pro-Line wagers.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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