WCLC Sports Select Betting Review

Sport Select is a group of betting games that the Western Canada Lottery Corporation offers to residents of Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as Manitoba, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Different parts of the country offer similar games like Proline, Point Spread and Pools. In Ontario, the games are called Proline while they are in BC as Sports Action.

How it works

You must first visit a WCLC lottery retailer to place your bets on any of the Sport Select game options. You will find a WCLC booth in most grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. Here you can fill out your Sport Select sheets to purchase your ticket. Sport Select offers a variety of bet types, including Point Spread, Pools, Props, and Proline. These games are similar to those offered by OLG. For more information, visit that page.

You can redeem your winning ticket for cash at any WCLC Lottery outlet if it ends up being a winner.

The Sport Select version Proline is different from the OLG’s or the ALC’s versions. The Sport Select version may have ties that are not the same as other versions in the country. Tie (T) is a football game in which a match is decided by three or less points. To win, the home (H), or visiting (V), team must win by at least 4 points. Before placing any bets through Sport Select, I recommend that you visit the Sport Select Training Camp page on the WCLC Website. This will allow you to understand the rules and the purpose of your wager.

Odds – Sport Select or Online Betting Sites

Sport Select’s odds of winning are just as bad as online betting sites. Sport Select is a bit more difficult to predict than other provincial lotteries, as their Tie scenarios can be hard to replicate online. In football, a game is considered a tie if it is decided by three or less points. In basketball, a game is considered a tie if it is decided by five points or less. These criteria are extremely unusual and hard to replicate on online betting sites.

Because the 1.70 odds on each side of the total are similar to the (V. T. H) outcome odds, it is easier to quantify the odds and compare them to those from an online sportsbook.

Here is a look at the exact same parlay bet at SportsInteraction.com compared to Sport Select for a four outcome parlay betting NFL totals. To show the real difference in payout, I selected four games at SIA and Sport Select with the exact same total.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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