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Mise-O-Jeu, the province lottery’s main betting house, is the most trusted and used by Quebec sports fans. Most Quebec residents are unaware that Mise-O-Jeu doesn’t offer the only option to wager on sports in Canada’s provinces. Mise-O-Jeu is a convenient way for you to place a bet on any sport at any location that has lottery tickets. However, Mise-O-Jeu betting on sports is not the only option.

The only thing that makes Mise-O-Jeu betting difficult, and similar to other Canadian-run sportsbooks, are the betting odds. You must place a minimum of two wagers per slip (also known as a parlay wager), and a maximum amount of eight. Parlays can be riskier than single-game wagering.

We want you to fully understand your options when you bet on sports. If you choose to place a bet on Mise-O-Jeu odds, you need to know all options.

What is a parlay?

Before we get into the details about Mise-O-Jeu we need to outline parlay bets. This is the only way of betting.

Parlay wagers can be multi-leg bets that have two or more wagers (in Mise-O-Jeu’s case, eight) that combine the odds to make one large slip. This ultimately results in a huge payout if all your predictions are correct. Each wager must be correctly placed on the bet slip. To win your ticket, you will need to wager on each of the eight games listed on a parlay slip for any NFL Sunday.

Your payout could reach thousands of dollars if you make those eight selections. Many Canadian bettors are quite skilled at forecasting the outcome of games and can make huge profits by picking the right picks. These bets can be extremely risky. The more games you add to your account, the greater the risk.


Mise-O-Jeu, along with PlayNow in British Columbia in 2004, was released and began accepting bets at the lottery kiosks throughout the province. The same rules and regulations that all provinces have to follow are applied to them: they can only accept single-game bets. Although many provinces have made updates to their products to offer more options for betting or more sports, Mise-O-Jeu is still pretty consistent and has recently added live betting.

To sign up at Mise-O-Jeu you will need an account. You must also live in the province and provide proof of your age. Your account can be funded with a major credit card. However, there are limited options for offshore sportsbooks that accept MasterCard or Visa. One advantage to Canadian sportsbooks? They also accept Interac Debit transactions.

You can place your bet offline by filling out a slip.

Although Mise-O-Jeu may look a lot like Pro-Line (which you can find in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces), we don’t think it is comparable to offshore sportsbooks.

Mise-O-Jeu Betting Odds

Many Canadians believe Mise-O-Jeu to be the only choice, but those who know more about offshore betting sites will tell you that this is false. It may seem like the best option, as it is regulated in Canada and managed by the local lottery. However, it cannot compare to online sportsbooks.

Mise-O-Jeu may have the worst odds anywhere in Canada. You will be required to place parlay wagers. Even then, the odds aren’t nearly as good as offshore sportsbooks. Mise-O-Jeu betting can cost you more than 20 cents per dollar.

A five-game Parlay could be created on Mise-O-Jeu for $10, but the payout is $40. However, you could also create the exact same parlay on a sports betting website like BetOnline or InterTops. The payout would be $70.

A Mise-O-Jeu also has a flaw: the limitation on single-game wagers, as we have already discussed. If the right bet is not available, betting on multiple games can be risky. You are missing out on the best sports betting experience if you can’t just bet on one of the games.

Parlays force sports bettors, particularly beginners, to lose their money. Parlay betting is only for the experienced. Mise-O-Jeu does not have expert oddsmakers who can accurately predict game outcomes and be confident enough to offer the same betting odds as Bodog, so they have to lower their odds.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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