Sports Betting in The Northwestern Territories & Lotteries

With an estimated population of under 45,000, the Northwest Territories in Canada is Canada’s most populous northern territory. Yellowknife is the capital city with just over 20,000 inhabitants. Although it joined the Canadian Confederation back in 1870, the current boundaries didn’t exist until 1999, when the territory was divided to create Nunavut. Because of its small population, there are very few sporting events here. Although the main industries are mining, forestry and fishing, the locals also enjoy some gambling.

Online Sports Betting in Northwest Territories

The NWT is extremely cold. It borders many provinces, including British Columbia to its southwest and Alberta and Saskatchewan to the south. They chose the WCLC over BCLC. However, the WCLC is a far inferior betting system. These nifty online casinos below offer a better alternative that every NWT resident can access.

Northwest Territories Sports Lottery

It’s not surprising that the NWT has no notable sports teams and major casinos due to the small population and the cold weather. The lack of major casinos and notable local gambling habits is still disappointing. However, VLTs, which are terrible Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), are also absent. The NWT utilizes the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) Sports Select programs, which are good but not great. The WCLC’s Sports Select Pro-Line program allows betting to be made, but it is not fair.

Three-wager minimums are required. This means that all three picks must win. TIE rules also require them to win within Pro-Line’s minimum requirements. A simple win will not suffice. The payouts can be very attractive until the bettors realize that they have been diluted and online sportsbooks offer the correct amount.

A simple win won’t do. These payouts can be very attractive until the bettors realize that they have been diluted and that online sportsbooks offer the correct amount.

Gambling Law in Northwest Territories

All gambling, betting, bingo, and lottery activities in the Northwest Territories are allowed by the gambling law. Online sports betting is also legal, even though it’s not mentioned in the law. It follows that online betting on sports is legal if it’s not prohibited and not mentioned in any laws. It is legal to place bets. It is also legal to gamble at casinos.

Offline betting venues in Northwest Territories

There are no permanent offline gambling venues, such as racetracks and casinos, due to the extreme climate, low population, and geographic barriers. Only bingos, Nevada pull tickets, and charity-organized casinos are the only forms of casino gambling that are available in the Northwest Territories. These are the only options available from Whati to Aklavik.

People who want to gamble but don’t know where to go often turn to online gambling sites licensed in Kahnawake and other licensing jurisdictions. They can do this without fear and they don’t have to worry about any consequences.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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