Atlantic Lottery Sports Betting

The Alantic Lottery Corporation (also known as ALC) is a corporation that is managed jointly by four Atlantic Canada provinces. It operates the lottery and other gambling activities in these provinces. These operations include the operation of casinos, lottery and horse betting, as well as the sports betting option known Proline Stadium in the Atlantic provinces.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador are the current members of ALC. Prince Edward Island is not.

ALC Sports Betting

Proline Stadium is the name for all sports betting that is offered through the ALC. Proline, Proline Fantasy and Proline Futures are all available. Stadium Bets is also offered. In recent years, the ALC has added a Proline Stadium website so that Atlantic residents can place online bets. Although you can still place your Proline Stadium bets offline at lottery retailers, players can now also place bets online from the comfort of home.

The ALC has one major problem: they require that bettors only place parlay bets. This means you will need to make at least two selections per bet.


ALC’s Proline version requires that you make between 2-8 selections for your parlay bet. If you are correct in all your selections, your bet will be a winner. The winning amount will be paid to your online Proline Stadium account. You can also visit an ALC lottery retailer to receive the cash if you bought the ticket in person. The odds of winning are multiplied for each selection and then the total is multiplied by your wager amount.

Important to remember that the ALC’s Proline version includes ties so you can bet the moneyline on three possible outcomes for each game. If an NHL game is in overtime, then the best bet would be to place a tie via Proline.

Proline’s ALC version is slightly more appealing than the OLG and WCLC versions. You only need to make two selections per bet, while you must make three with the other. The Proline Stadium page provides a detailed overview of ALC’s Proline version, including comparisons of Proline to my recommended online sportsbooks.

Benefits of playing ALC Proline online

Canadians have many reasons to choose online betting for sports betting over traditional provincial ticket betting.

More in-touch with consumer demands

Online sportsbooks are better at understanding customer trends than the provincial sport lottery.

They are now able to accept many forms of payment other than the traditional provincial service.

Users can deposit Bitcoin with some of these sites, provided they have an ewallet and satisfy the legal requirements to gamble online. Many accept Bitcoin and offer special bonuses to users who use the payment method.

Bitcoin isn’t the only accepted payment method online. Some allow customers to use PayPal accounts to deposit and withdraw funds.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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