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CONMEBOL America Cup is the oldest international football competition. There are betting opportunities at every turn, or, more accurately, with every kick. This South American tournament decides who will be the champion over their counterparts in North America, South America, and other parts of Asia. It only happens every four years so bettors are quick to jump on Lionel Messi’s career assists.

It’s crucial to fully understand the odds before you place your bets. Understanding the meaning of the numbers at the sportsbook will help you make informed soccer picks.

Understanding Copa America Odds

For a month, 12 teams will be playing at venues within the host country. Two international teams are allowed to compete in the CONMEBOL tournament as there are only 10 participating teams.

You’ll find these odds on any soccer betting website:

  • Brazil -162
  • Uruguay +300
  • Draw +500

You can choose between decimal (1.20), fractional (1/5) or American odds. The U.K. has a higher percentage of bettors who prefer fractions to those who wager in Europe or Australia. For those who live in the Americas, they’ll likely use their namesake odds.

These are moneyline odds. This is a moneyline bet. You simply have to choose a winning team or a tie option to place a wager. This scenario shows that Uruguay is the favorite while Brazil is the favourite. The (-). minus sign can be used to determine which team is favourite. The dog (+). is the club with the plus sign.

The oddsmakers predict that Brazil will win the match at -162. Uruguay is at +300 with a 25% chance of winning the match, while Uruguay is at +300 with a 16.7 percent chance of drawing. A $100 wager on Brazil would result in a $161.73 payout. Your original money is returned along with the $61.73 prize. The same $100 bet on Uruguay would result in $300. Your $100 is returned along with your $400 winnings. You’d get $600 to $100 +$500 if you chose the tie.

Based on your odds and amount of bet, our Odds Calculator will calculate what you would win.

Betting on Copa America

Although we’ve covered the moneyline in our odds example, that’s just one type of betting available for Copa America. If you handicap each bet correctly, you can make some money in different situations.

Totals: Bet on the Combined Score

You would place an OVER/UNDER wager, which is often referred to as a prediction of whether the combined score of both teams will exceed the set number. This is how odds would look:

Chile vs Argentina

2.5 O

2.5 U

If you believe the total score will exceed three, you should bet the UNDER. If you believe it will be less than two, then you would wager the UNDER.

Point Spread: Which team will cover?

You would have to choose a team to cover a point spread wager. These are the odds:

  • Venezuela -1.5
  • Peru +1.5

Venezuela is the favorite in this example. They would have to win the game by at least two goals to win your bet. Peru, on the other hand, or foot, since it’s soccer – would have to win the match outright or lose less than one goal.

The Asian Handicap is a more sophisticated version of the spread.

Futures: Who Will Win It All?

This bet is where you predict which team will win the entire tournament. The futures odds can be released several weeks before the tournament starts. This is how odds could look:

  • Bolivia +200
  • Ecuador +675
  • Colombia +950
  • Paraguay +4400

Props: Player and Team Milestones

Props can be placed on players and teams for occurrences such as:

  • How many goals will X score in a game?
  • Who will score the first goal in the second period?
  • How many yellow cards will you get, Y?
  • How many penalty kicks are there in the first-half of the match?

Parlays: Bundling Your Bets

These are multiple wagers placed on one ticket. Parlays allow you to create a betting slip that includes Copa America games, and then combine it with other sports. You could cover Brazil against Colombia by betting on the Yankees moneyline against the Red Sox. You can add up to 10 teams to your ticket on some betting sites.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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