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Best Entertainment Betting Sites For 2021

If you’re not into sports betting but you happen to like games of chance – we’ve got news for you!

Truth be told, we’ve got news for the Canadian sports bets lovers too – there’s a different kind of fun when it comes to online gambling.

There are plenty of betting entertainment and novelty markets that will allow you to place bets on anything other than a sports bet.

Reality TV shows, political betting, the Academy Awards, and many other novelty bets are waiting for your entertainment wagers!

And they are not too different from sports betting and online sportsbooks – they are just more fun.

Check out these fun gambling sites and learn more about how you can place entertainment bets – the entertainment betting sites are the new cool!

Betting On Entertainment – TV, Movies, Awards, Politics, And More!

When it comes to entertainment betting, finding the best entertainment betting sites is not just about the online betting site.

For instance, if you’re looking for a specific TV betting show, you won’t have to look for TV betting sites specifically. But you’ll surely have to find online bookmakers that have your TV shows available for wagering.

The same goes the other way around, just because you can place a bet on TV shows, it doesn’t mean that that should be the entertainment betting site you place a bet at.

If all of this sounds too much for you, and you’d just like to find the novelty bets without having to go through so much trouble – you’re right to be thinking so.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve researched the online entertainment betting world and we have all the answers you need. 

Recommended Entertainment Betting Sites For 2021

First thing’s first- the best entertainment betting sites are the ones that are being licensed and regulated by appropriate licensing commissions. That being said, regardless if you are signing up at sports betting sites, or entertainment betting sites, or both – you should always check the licence!

The availability of banking options such as debit card deposits and withdrawals, having available multiple betting lines, customer support, and some new customers’ deposit bonus promotions are what you should go after in an online entertainment betting site.

We would like to emphasize customer support – a reliable, available and prompt customer support team can solve any issue that one could encounter.

To find reliable entertainment betting sites, you can also lean onto real player testimonials. Chances are someone has already signed up at the entertainment betting site and can share their first-hand experience with you.

What Makes A Great Entertainment Betting Site?

The best entertainment betting sites are the ones that offer you everything you need!

Naturally, the more entertainment and novelty betting odds, the better! And if you know what you’re looking for, you don’t need the betting site to have all of the betting wagers, only those that you’re after!

Even though Canadians might not be familiar with novelty betting, as it definitely isn’t an everyday life betting option as sports betting is – you’d be surprised by the variety of novelty and entertainment markets.

And even if the entertainment betting action is news for you – we’ve made sure to prep you well. By the end of the article, you’ll know how to tell a good entertainment betting site from a bad one. Let’s get right on it.

Availability Of Betting Options

The first thing that differentiates top sites from the rest is the availability of betting options.

There are betting sites that make sure to not miss any major novelty betting event, while other betting sites have some novelty betting odds here and there.

Although we do have to say that there are periods where the novelty betting is rather dry – most of the time something is going on, and we’d like to be able to place our novelty bets!

So, if you were to ask us, we’d sign up at the gambling site that is keeping up with all of the reality shows, elections, movies, music awards, and everything in between!

You shouldn’t be disappointed if the site you’ve registered at has missed an event though. However, multiple missed events might be a problem.

Timeliness Of Lines

When it comes to sports betting, the competition is so vast that sports betting sites don’t have the luxury to be late with the betting wagers. You’ll be able to find betting odds almost anywhere.

When it comes to novelty betting and entertainment bets, the betting wagers are all over the place. You get some next James Bond odds here, and the other one is about some election that’s gonna happen in a day.

Yet another issue with the entertainment betting lines is the fact that all novelty markets seem to be waiting on each other. That’s most likely because they don’t want to take the risk and come up with their own betting wagers.

Our recommendation would be to choose the gambling site that publishes the gambling wagers on time – so you can have the time to think it through.

The Same Things For All Betting Sites

As we’ve mentioned by now, a betting site cannot be a good novelty site if they are not a top online gambling site in the first place.

What we want to say is that while we aren’t interested in how many sports categories the online sportsbooks offer, we surely are interested in the quality they provide.

Novelty betting can hardly be part of a separate betting site, which is why all novelty betting sites have to be good online sportsbooks first.

That includes multiple banking options available, first bet promotions in the form of a free bet, various deposit bonus promotions, an available customer support team, and reliable and fast withdrawals.

Entertainment Betting Odds 2021

If you’re already familiar with how sports wagers work, you’ll get the hand of the entertainment wagers too.

If there’s a thing that surprises you though, it’s gonna be the betting cap.

If sports betting is your home ground, you’re probably used to online gambling sites having high caps.

However, when it comes to entertainment bets, the betting cap is set significantly lower. Canadian bettors can expect the entertainment bets caps to be set at a max of CA$1,000.

If you’re wondering why that is so, the answer is simpler than you think. With so many reality television shows and awards,  insider information imposes a great risk.

Even if you aren’t familiar with wagers at all, we’ll get to that shortly.

Top Entertainment Online Betting Sites by Event

If you’re looking for a specific event, the top sites have you covered.

Make sure to sign up at the right betting site, unlock free bets promos, get a deposit bonus, or place prop bets and win some real money prizes!

We do know that prop bets and free bets sound attractive, but you should also know that some entertainment betting sites have specific events available, while others don’t.

If you thought you knew how Game of Thrones was going to end, but you hadn’t heard of novelty bets – now you have.

You could place your entertainment bet on how your TV show is gonna end, who’s gonna get the Oscar, or who’s gonna go home with a Grammy.

Spot the best entertainment betting sites and take your chances!

Reality TV Shows

If you’ve wondered whether you can bet on TV shows online, the answer is affirmative.

And we aren’t only talking about TV Shows such as Game of Thrones, but reality shows too.

Reality shows cover a wide variety of TV shows – The Voice, Canada’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor, Big Brother, Survivor, and many more.

All of these famous TV shows are available on most novelty betting sites.

Decide who’s your favourite, check the odds, and place your wagers on the winner!

Movie / Television Awards

If you’re a cinephile, the Academy Awards are your time to shine. If you think you know which movie is gonna get Best Picture this year, who will be the glorified movie director, or who’s gonna get the Oscar for the supporting role – place your stakes!

The Academy Awards are not the only movie bets you can place though. Golden Globes, Venice, the Toronto Film Festival, are here too, and one should not forget the Razzies. The Razzies are certainly entertaining too – picking out the worst movie sounds like a good deal.

You can also place your wagers on who’s going to be cast for the next James Bond movie, will Brad Bitt have a partner for the awards show, or you can even bet on a movie’s box office.

Music Awards

Novelty betting sites have covered the MTV VMAs, BAFTA, the Brit Awards, Emmy’s, Juno Awards, and any other music award show you can think of.

And the best news about these awards shows is that most novelty betting sites will offer you prop bets.

The music betting entertainment has no end, track your favourite artists and give it a go!

Other Novelty Betting Sites

Ever heard of the Hot Dog Eating Contest? Well, now you have, and you can place wagers on it too.

The novelty markets are quite expansive too – political betting, Miss Universe, Nobel Prize, National Spelling Bee, election betting, CrossFit games, television rating, even the weather! Yes, you can bet on tomorrow’s temperature too, that’s definitely a fun thing to do.

What Are Entertainment Betting Markets?

Simply put, entertainment betting markets are all the shows and the events that you can place a bet on.

We’ve already seen the variety of entertainment betting markets, from a Hot Dog Eating Contest to election days, political events, music awards, movies, reality shows, and anything else.

However, not every novelty market has the same betting limits. And that’s something that Canadian gamblers should be aware of.

While election days have higher betting limits, reality shows might have way lower.

For those unfamiliar with betting limits, there’s nothing too complicated to them. It’s just the novelty’s site decision to limit your maximum real money price. In other words, if the betting limits are set to CA$500, even if you manage to win more, that’s the maximum you’ll be given.

Betting Odds & Insights: Entertainment

The betting wagers of entertainment betting are rather similar to those of sports betting.

For those that aren’t familiar with gambling odds at all, we’ll do a quick explanation.

There are three main odds formats: decimal, fractional, and moneyline odds.

The decimal odds are the most common odds format. They represent the amount a punter will win for every CA$ wagered.

However, fractional odds are the ones most commonly used in Canada. They represent the ratio of the profit won to the stake.

Moneyline odds, or more commonly known as American odds, can have a positive or a negative sign, indicating the amount the gamblers need to stake to win CA$100, or how much one would win for every CA$100 wagered.

Once you become familiar with the gambling odds, you can start thinking of betting types.

However, before we get to the betting types, we need to make a short stop. When it comes to entertainment and novelty betting, there’s one more thing to consider before you get into the betting types – the insights.

Unlike sports, insights are a thing in the novelty markets. That means that the odds might be low, or they might not even be there at all.

Nevertheless, in case you do have an insight obtained from some gossip blog, and you manage to find available odds – place your stake and get some free money!

Betting Types

The most common types of bets one can place in the novelty and entertainment markets are the following:

Winner – You place a stake for the overall winner of the particular show or elections. Picking the winner is arguably the simplest type of bet one can make.

Place – If you want to place a bet in the long run, provided that you’ve found odds for the market, you can place your stakes on the place your favourite actor or singer would end up. Meaning that if you aren’t sure whether your favourite X Factor candidate would win the show, but you’re pretty confident that they’d end up in the top 5 – this is the wager you want to make.

Each-way -Each-way is a combination of the prior, sort of. You’d have to place 2 stakes – one for the win, and one for the place of the contestant. That way, if your favourite wins the award, you’ll have two profitable bets. However, if it ends up in the top 3, 5, or 10, depending on the gambling house, only one stake would be profitable.

Parlay -Instead of making one single bet, you can place multiple bets together. If we’re talking about the Oscars, you can choose which movie is gonna win Best Picture, who is gonna be the Best Actress, what’s gonna be the best Documentary movie – and place your stake. If all of those come true, you’ll have a win far greater than if you’d place a single prediction. However, if you mispredicted one of the bets, the entire bet is unsuccessful.

Forecast – A forecast includes predicting both the winner and the runner-up. Meaning that you’re picking who’s gonna be the winner, and who’s gonna be the second-best. It can be a politics bet, or a music awards show – it is up to you.

How Does Entertainment Betting Work?

Entertainment betting works almost the same as sports betting, with one big difference.

When it comes to sports and sports matches, we’re all aware that they’ll be around for a long time. The English Premier League won’t disappear anytime soon,  and neither will the National Hockey League.

Things are a tad different when it comes to betting markets. There’s no guarantee that the show you’ve placed a bet on won’t be discontinued, or that X-Factor will run again next year.

This is the difference that makes entertainment betting inferior to sports wagering. It is also a reason why novelty betting wagers are not as easy to find.

On the other hand, we can all agree that novelty betting is way more entertaining and stress-free. It is called entertainment betting for a reason after all.

Novelty betting is also quite familiar for its prop bets for the world-famous awards show.

And if you’re a Canadian that’s into a tad more weird stuff – you might find entertainment betting to be hilarious. There are many ‘weird’ bets to make – and you’ll be able to make real money off them too!

Finally, the best thing about entertainment betting is the free money one can obtain. If you’ve just signed up at the online gambling site, you’ll most likely be able to find bonuses for new customers. Such include deposit bonus promotions and free bets.


What Is Entertainment Betting?

Entertainment betting is the practice of placing wagers on events not related to sports. One can place bets on music awards, movies, and political events.

What Are Some Common Types of Entertainment Bets?

The most common bet types for Canadian gamblers are the Oscars, Politics, The X Factor, Eurovision, Elections, and Nobel Prizes.

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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