The Oscars 2021 Betting Odds & Picks

The Academy Awards betting odds have changed significantly during awards season. Now, the 2021 Oscars odds are heating up as the Academy Awards handed out their hardware in Los Angeles.

We offer our Oscars predictions and picks, and we track the betting activity at the various sportsbooks like DraftKings. They are offering Oscars betting in three states.

Johnny Avello, DraftKings director for sportsbook operations, stated that “Action has proven to be good.” He also noted that DK has Academy Awards odds up at New Jersey and Indiana. “We have 24 categories and many categories have bets. It’ll pick it up this weekend. It will remain open until the show begins.

Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland starring Frances McDormand, based on a 2017 book, is still at the top in the Best Picture odds (-590), after Best Picture (Drama), and Best Director wins at The Golden Globes.

For the Academy Awards Best Actor and Best Actress categories, Chadwick has become a huge favorite at -1667 (and that was just a few weeks ago). Carey Mulligan’s performance as Promising Young Woman has earned her the top odds (+125).

Nomadland is nominated for six Academy Awards nominations. It’s a big favorite to win three of the most prestigious film awards: Best Picture and Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

How to place a bet on Academy Awards

Betting on the Oscars is a different proposition than sports betting. There are fewer numbers and statistics to consider. If you want to handicap your Academy Awards wagers, you will need to keep an eye on historical trends, news, and narratives.

Learn about the voting system

Understanding the Oscars voting process is crucial to understand who will be nominated for which award and who will win. There are more than 8,000 Academy members, spread across 17 branches. Each branch nominates in its own category. Directors nominate for Best Director, actors for Best Actor and directors for Best Director. Each voter can nominate for the Best Picture Award, and they are eligible to vote for each award after the nominations have been received.

Nearly every award has a No. It’s easy, right? This is not how the Best Picture award is selected. Each voter votes for their favorite film, in the order they prefer. The No. The No. 1 and No. 2 choices are counted first. If a movie receives more than 50% of the votes, it is deemed the winner. However, the No. 2, and No. Three choices must be added.

What are the key takeaways from this voting process? Actors are the ones who nominate their peers. This means that actors must not only do a great job but also have to be well-respected and liked. Because of the preference voting for Best Picture, movies that end up at No. 2, or 3. If the No. If the No. It is better to have a film that the majority of voters will rank in their Top 3 films than a polarizing movie that only a few voters choose to watch at No. Others have at the bottom of their lists.

The winners keep winning

Although the Oscars are the most recognizable name in the film industry awards circuit they don’t always hand out their hardware. The Golden Globe Awards are presented just after the new year. Next, the Screen Actor Guild Awards (SAG) is presented. In February, the British Academy Film Awards Awards (BAFTAs), follow in early February. Editor’s Note: This awards schedule was distorted due to the COVID-stricken season of 2021.

Stars and movies can often ride the Oscars’ momentum. These earlier award shows are often a success for actors and films. They also tend to perform well at Oscars. Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor and Best Actress awards at every major awards show in 2020. Renee Zellweger also won. With each win, their chances of winning the Academy Award grew and so did the payouts for bettors.

Follow this formula

Certain movie genres have always been well-received by critics. These include movies about war, race relations, movies about the film industry (nobody said Hollywood was vain), films based upon true stories and scripts based on award-winning novels.

While Argo (2012) is often viewed as one of the weakest recipients of the Best Picture Award (BPA), it actually fit in two categories because it was based upon a true story about the film industry.

While it’s not an indicator of Oscars success, fitting into these categories is a good way to gauge whether a film is ready to compete for the Oscars.

Place your bets on big stars

Let’s face it, the hype can also play a significant role in whether certain movies are given credit. Sportsbooks are more inclined to favor movies with well-known directors and actors, especially early in the Oscars process.

Like annual sports betting favorites such as the Yankees or Lakers, the biggest stars in Hollywood tend to have the best handle and do well during awards season.

Cultural impact is crucial

Pay attention to the cultural context in which these movies are being viewed. If the themes are relevant to current discourse, they will resonate with critics and audiences more. Movies are about escape and sometimes, in times of crisis or anxiety, critics will gravitate to lighter fare.

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Oscars Betting Odds in 2021

Many of these best betting sites will offer in-depth odds for Oscars 2021Betonline, Sports Interaction (SIA), William Hill, and Sports Interaction (SIA) are all available. You can find a complete list of bookies that accept Oscars bets on our Best-Betting Sites page.

The odds of winning on the Oscars are subject to change during the announcement of the shortlist there are nominations for all the awards. You can place your bets on different categories up until the Oscars 2021 nominations are announced early in the year.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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