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Grey Cup odds are high as the CFL will be back in action in mid-August after a year of absence. While the league’s top regular season team leads the charge in 2019, there are many other contenders at the top of CFL championship odds.

CFL odds have returned with the announcement of the schedule for the 2021 season and the start date. New seasons bring new possibilities, the most popular of which is the CFL championship odds. The 2021 campaign will begin mid-August, after the cancellation of 2020.

Grey Cup futures are set to continue developing as the season draws closer. Here are the odds of winning the Grey Cup as we look ahead to next season.

Understanding CFL futures

CFL futures odds are released by sportsbooks shortly after the conclusion of each football season. CFL futures can also be bet on by picking the Grey Cup winner. You can get a good plus-money price on any CFL team during the offseason or preseason. There is so much uncertainty about what will happen next year in a league that has only nine teams.

CFL futures odds will often look like this:

  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats +285

If Jeremiah Masoli’s team wins the Grey Cup, your $100 wager will yield a profit of $285. You might notice a minus sign (+) if it is close to the end of a season or if one team is simply too dominant.

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders -175

To win $100, you’d need to place $175.

Futures odds can change daily as markets are constantly changing. They can fluctuate daily based on injuries, suspensions, news, and so forth. They will change in response to big CFL events like the draft or free agency.

All of the above odds are in American format. All the odds shown above are in American format.

Predicting Who will win the Grey Cup in 2021

Hamilton’s crazy story is that their wild run to Grey Cup was made with Jeremiah Masoli, their star quarterback, still recovering from a knee injury.

He was able to take a whole season off to recover and will be ready for 2021. Hamilton was already a problem with Masoli gone, but the dual threat dynamo and showrunner make this a team that has no limits.

It is difficult to predict this. Even the Grey Cup’s two winning teams haven’t played football in over a year. It is not easy to get back to the promised land.

Hamilton was close to winning the title. They could even taste it. They are a great team with their fearless leader to guide them through the task.

Hamilton is a good value for money as a +300 favorite. You can, however, go against the grain in your 2021 Grey Cup prediction. This is because it’s uncharted territory.

Last Updated on October 21, 2021

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