NCAA College Basketball Betting Lines 2021

After a thrilling 2021 March Madness tournament, which saw the Baylor Bears defeat the Gonzaga Bulldogs to the final, oddsmakers released NCAA basketball odds for the 2022 championship with a familiar face at the top to win.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs, according to the top college basketball betting sites are the favorite at +700 to reduce the nets next march and win their first ever championship. The Bulldogs lost to Baylor in the title game on Monday night. While some of their key players are likely headed for the NBA, the roster should be bolstered by incoming recruits.

Open to college basketball

The College Basketball Vegas Odds have the Opening Line, or the Open Line. This is one of the most important features. This number consists of the initial betting line that was received from either our Las Vegas or Global Sportsbooks. Although the opening line may vary depending on which sportsbook you use, it gives you a clear rating that the oddsmakers use to rate the college basketball matchup. It is smart to look at the origin of the line and to then follow the moves.

The College Basketball Las Vegas Odds Opening Line is an essential resource for the 2021 NCAA Tournament. It opens on Thursday, March 18. The “First Four” action takes place in the tournament four days before the “Selection Sunday”, and the field of 68 has been announced, the oddsmakers begin to populate betting odds for the opening matchups.

Because of the small sample (numbers of schools) that college basketball is played, it’s said that smart bettors are more likely to win than the oddsmakers. You can learn more about the NCAA Tournament by using our 2021 March Madness Central betting resources.

Point spread

Spread betting on NCAA College basketball games is the most popular method of taking part in these events.

Point spreads are a way to determine which team is the favorite to win. One team can have a negative value (e.g.-12.5). The underdog is shown a positive value (e.g. 12.5)

If you place a bet on a favorite team, you must win by at least the spread points to win the bet.

If you place a bet on a dog you will win the bet as long as they don’t lose more than the spread or win.


Because they are straightforward, NCAA College basketball money lines are very popular. You’re betting on the team to win. You only win your wager if the team wins.

There are no spreads that can change the risk, so you will need to take more risk when choosing a favorite. This is indicated by a negative number like -300. The positive number +240 is used to indicate the underdogs.

If you are betting on moneyline, you can risk $120 to win $100 or $12 to win $10 by picking a favorite with a -120 rating. If you pick a dog, a +120 moneyline would result in a $120 profit on $100 bet if your team wins.

How to place a bet on college basketball’s futures

March Madness, the biggest College Basketball event of the year, is definitely the most prominent on your annual sports betting calendar. College Basketball Future bettors will be either alive or dead when the three-week tournament starts.

Some bets could return attractive prices. Future Odds can be placed at any time, even though the College Basketball Super Bowl is only one-elimination. You can find all the information you need to place college basketball bets at our online sportsbook directory.

Like other sports, most online betting sites post College Basketball Futures within a few hours of the end of each season. The betting market is most popular in May and June. This is when many of the best players decide to give up college basketball eligibility in order to enter the NBA Draft. 

A player cannot return to his amateur status if he decides to be a professional. Some bettors are able to predict who will return and who will leave, which can give them a significant advantage over the oddsmakers. In the College Basketball Futures market, it is an advantage to know that a team is more experienced.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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