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USA Basketball released the names of the 57 athletes who were in contention to be on the 12-member “Dream Team”, this summer in Tokyo, Japan. The USA Basketball Men’s National Team will not be hosting tryouts. Instead, the selection committee will make its decisions based on availability and health.

Potent betting opportunities

Stephen Curry has stated that he would love to be able to compete at the Olympics. With Steve Kerr as the assistant coach, the sharpshooter is virtually guaranteed at -700. Kawhi Leonard said that he will play if he is healthy, but the Clippers star could be ruled out by Gregg Popovich’s tumultuous history with him as the national team head coach (+400).

Kyrie Irving is +325 not to make the cut – which considering his mental health issues, general unreliability, and general incompetence seems like a layup.

There won’t be enough slots for all the stars due to the incredible talent in the list of 57 finalist. You can bet that Zach Lavine (+200), Julius Randle (++170), Devin Booker (+150), Jimmy Butler (+170), and Jimmy Butler (+225), are not on the roster.

This is not a criticism of any stars but a reflection on the quality and depth of players USA basketball has to offer.

Bet on the USA Basketball Team’s Games

The US has enjoyed great success in basketball since 1936 when they won the first Olympic Gold. The USA has won every Olympics medal, except for 1980 when it was boycotted. Their success can be attributed to the fact that the USA produces some of the most talented basketball players in the world. The 1992 Dream Team, which the USA assembled for the Olympics, is a perfect example. The team featured Hall of Fame basketball players like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Patrick Ewing. The team won the competition by an average of more than 40 points per game. The success of the United States men’s basketball team is unmatched.

Although the US is rarely challenged, a few countries are capable of taking on this challenge. Lithuania and Argentina have been able to push the US, and even won some matches. In the 2004 Olympics, Argentina defeated the US by 8 points. The most shocking upset would have to be the 2006 World Cup of Basketball in which Greece defeated the USA in the semi-finals.

The USA boasts a large pool of players. For example, their fourth or fifth-best point guard could play for any country. What does all this mean? If the top players in their positions are unable to play, or decide not to play, then they will be replaced by players with nearly equal quality. This will have a minimal impact on team chances of winning, but a greater impact on spread size. You can pay attention to the spread and see the lines moving in real-time.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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