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ClickAndBuy was an e-wallet that no longer exists. It allowed customers to transact domestically and internationally, without the need to enter credit card information or bank account details into multiple online sites. Although ClickAndBuy was similar to PayPal and Skrill, it also offered lines of credit that allowed you to make purchases without worrying about your account balance.

Although they weren’t the most well-known transaction intermediary, ClickAndBuy gained some popularity in sports betting circles due to their flexibility with account balances and ease of processing international transactions. ClickAndBuy can be thought of as a failed Click 2 Pay. This is another niche e-wallet which has found a market for customers who want lines of credit and transaction facilitation.

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ClickAndBuy was just like any other electronic-wallet. Visit their website, complete an application, and then set up a deposit or payout method (bank account credit card, credit card, etc.). You can then start completing transactions almost instantly.

ClickAndBuy was different from other ewallets in that you could apply for a credit line at registration and anytime thereafter. This is because a line credit allows you to make transactions regardless of your ClickAndBuy account balance. It was similar in concept to a tangible credit cards, but it was virtual and you could only request a hard copy.

This was why it was attractive. It was like having a central financial system for your entire online business, whether it be retail, sports betting, or any other. ClickAndBuy’s fees were also cheaper than the interest on your Visa or Mastercard. You might find it difficult to pay back your negative balance, but you won’t be charged an additional interest rate if you are able to pay the fee for the transaction.

ClickAndBuy offered the option to purchase a hard-copy debit card, which is attractive. This could be used to withdraw cash from your account or against your credit line at ATMs. You could also treat it like any other card and make everyday purchases with it. ClickAndBuy was like an extension to your checking account. However, you don’t have to give as much personal information.

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Before they folded up shop, the best feature ClickandBuy offered to its users was the fact that all of one’s financial data and personal information were united in one secure account. The e-wallet function they had was one of the better ones as it could be funded many different ways – direct bank deposits, credit cards, debit cards, etc – and using their e-wallet method ensured that transactions at online sportsbooks would go through smoothly with minimal chance of a transaction getting declined as some banks are known to do with credit card deposits.

However, with ClickandBuy now ceasing to exist, bettors must look elsewhere to fund their accounts. If e-wallets are your preferred method and ClickandBuy’s departure hurt your outlook, other companies like Skrill and Instadebit provide Canadian bettors with similar e-wallet experiences. Make sure you do your homework when looking into those brands, but there really isn’t much more to say about the once strong ClickandBuy program.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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