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VISA Electron, the sister card to VISA’s debit card standard, is available. This card is often associated with accounts that don’t offer overdrafts or are targeted at those under 18 and people who are careful about building debt. They are an excellent option for people who only need a basic card to make transactions.

VISA Electron Services

Visa Electron is primarily used as a debit card and has nearly identical functionality to standard Visa debit cards. You can withdraw cash from ATMs, send and receive payments and pay online or over the phone for goods and services – wherever Visa Electron cards are accepted.

A Visa Electron card can only be used to make payments with a Visa debit card. This is because Electron cards are not able to be used until funds have cleared in the associated bank account. There are no overdrafts, and there is a lower chance of you getting into debt.

How can I sign up for Visa Electron?

In 2009, Visa Electron products were less popular at banks. Instead, they are being replaced by standard Visa debit cards. Halifax is the only major bank that still issues Visa Electron cards.

You will need your:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Nationality
  • Preferred method of deposit
  • Purpose of account
  • Contact details

Who accepts Visa Electron

Although Visa Electron is not as widely accepted as standard Visa credit and debit cards, many online casinos and retailers accept Visa Electron payments. Visa Electron deposits and payments are accepted by Coral, William Hill and Western Union.

Betting Site Accepting Visa Electron

  • Bodog
  • BET365
  • 10BET

What is the cost of Visa Electron?

While most Visa Electron services can be added to your current account for free, some accounts may have fees and some retailers may charge processing charges or service fees. Always confirm your payment before you make any payments.


Visa Electron is compatible with Visa Personal Payments, which allows customers send and receive money via their mobile phones. You only need the recipient’s mobile number or yours. The recipient receives a secure code and an encrypted link via text message. This directs them to a secure website, where they can complete the transaction.

Visa Personal Payments can be used for free to make transfers up to PS250 to your home currency.


Visa is the world’s largest payment service provider, so it is not surprising that their security systems are among the best. They continue to improve security and create new features.

Visa Electron offers the additional security of being able only to pay with funds in your account.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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