Person to Person Betting Sites

Cash transfers are more commonly used for person to person transactions. Since the advent of the internet’s influence in the early 2000s, this payment method has been popular with online bettors. Transfers are typically made with Western Union or MoneyGram, as we have mentioned.

The Most Popular Person-to-Person Betting Sites

Below is a list of the top Person to Person betting websites available to online sportsbooks. The P2P payment method is extremely secure and allows users to make transactions without sharing any information about the sportsbook. Although we’ve already mentioned some payment options, you can also check out our complete list of sportsbooks at this link.

You can deposit using Player to Player methods

Cash transfers have much higher fees than other deposit options. The fee for cash transfers is the same as all other types of transfers. It is determined by the amount sent, not the amount that was deposited.

Another problem is withdrawing using a P2P payment option. MoneyGram, for instance, has a limit at $899 per transfer. Most sportsbooks have a $2,000 maximum deposit limit. The fees are very low if the deposit amount is less than $10-20. The fees go up significantly when the deposit amount is between $500 and 1000. Fees are dependent on where the money is sent and received.

Many sportsbooks offer funds reimbursements for money sent. Because they require the bettors to send the money upfront, once the money arrives, the user will usually be reimbursed for the transfer funds. If you are a regular player, or a VIP at a sportsbook, you should contact them to request that they cover your deposit fee.

Drawing using the Player to Player Methods

It can be very expensive to withdraw with Player-to-Player payment methods. Withdrawal fees can reach as high as 10% in some cases. This could mean that you lose $200 on a $2000 withdrawal.

It can take a while to withdraw money from your sportsbook via PayPal. Transfers can usually be completed within 48 to 72 hours. While most online sportsbooks process deposits within a week, some may take up to two weeks.

Person to Person Betting Sites

  • WagerWeb
  • BetOnline
  • BetDSI
  • XBet
Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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