NBA All Star Game Betting Lines & Odds

The 2020-21 NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for Sunday, February 21st at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Tip-off will take place shortly after 8 p.m. ET between Team LeBron & Team Durant. Below are our analysis of the 2020-21 NBA All-Star Game odds, lines, and predictions, as well as NBA picks.

The format of the All-Star Game will be identical to that used last season. Los Angeles Lakers SF LeBron Jam and Brooklyn Nets SF Kevin Durant will be leading the two teams. They will each compete to win each quarter individually. The fourth quarter will not have a clock and the teams will need to score the Final Target Score.

The All-Star Game will be won by the team that reaches or exceeds this target number.

Durant will replace James as Milwaukee Bucks SF Giannis Antotounmpo’s captain. Last year, Team LeBron won the All-Star Game.

Who will win the 2021 NBA All-Star Game Game?

Team LeBron is the favorite on the best basketball betting sites. This year’s all star game continues the 2020 tradition which is a unique format. Here’s how it works.

Each quarter will start with a score 0-0. It will last for 12 minutes. The game clock will be shut off at the beginning of the fourth quarter and the “Final Target Score” will be determined. The “Final Score” is determined by adding 24 points to the total score of the top team through three quarters. The “Final Target Score”, which is the total score of the leading team through three quarters, will be added to the team’s total score and multiplied by 24 points. The “Final Target Score”, or the highest score in a given quarter, will determine the winner of the NBA All-Star Game.

For new players, this format might seem complicated. If 2020 is any indication, this game could be another NBA All-Star Game masterpiece. Last year’s edition was a thrilling one, with Team LeBron making a dramatic comeback.

2020-21 NBA All-Star Game Starters

Team Durant

  • Washington Wizards SG Bradley Beal
  • Philadelphia 76ers C Joel Embiid
  • Brooklyn Nets SG Kyrie Irving
  • Los Angeles Clippers SF Kawhi Lenard
  • Boston Celtics SF Jayson Takum

Team LeBron

  • Milwaukee Bucks PF Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Golden State Warriors PG Stephen Curry
  • Dallas Mavericks PG Luka Doncic
  • Los Angeles Lakers SF LeBron Jam
  • Denver Nuggets C Nikola Jokic

NBA All-Star betting odds

We offer the ability to place wagers on all available NBA All-Star games betting lines for 2021.

Betting Line/Moneyline: If it’s negative, it indicates the amount that you have to wager in order to win $100. If it’s positive, it represents the amount of money that a player wins when he places a $100 bet.

Spread betting: a wager against the spread.

Over Under: The NBA All-Star Game Odds for the Over-Under are bets on the total score of the two teams.

Props are bets placed on an outcome of a match that is not directly related.

NBA All-Star Game Results

The first NBA all star game was relatively easy. It ended in a win for the East at Boston Garden with 111-94. This is in contrast to last season’s tilt, which saw the Western conference win 192-182. The event used to be dominated by defense, but the focus now is on scoring prowess and fancy fast breaks. In addition to the regular season strategy, the three-pointer has increased scoring.

Overall, the Eastern Conference has the advantage with 37 wins and 56% of all-star game wins. The Western Conference has won 12 of 18 matches against the east since 2000. The eastern conference was the dominant force in the 1980s and 1990s with 13 wins in 21 contests. The lockout in 1999 caused the cancellation of the 1999 event. This sparked a shift in momentum. The NBA’s western conference became the most successful half at the same time.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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